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The Bears were back on the practice field Monday on a sunny, warm day following their bye week. The weather matched their outlook on this season half. 

They feel like better times are ahead then what we saw through the first eight games. Their luck can’t be any worse.

“During the first half I think without the bad luck we wouldn’t have had no luck. Hopefully that can turn for us moving forward,” said head coach John Fox.

Injuries certainly contributed to the Bears 2-6 first half, and there were games against Lions, Jaguars and Colts where they were in position to win late, but didn’t.

“Everybody is refocused on this goal of being one of those team standing at the end of it all,” said defensive tackle Akiem Hicks. “We’ve had our close calls where we were in games. Now when we get into that position again guys say, ‘OK this is what I need to do better in order to take advantage of the situation.”

“A couple of those games go the other way we’re 4-4 instead of 2-6 and it sounds a little bit better no doubt,” says Fox. “But we can’t change that. We are what we are right now. We can be 10-6 or 2-14. That’s the reality math-wise.”

With the Vikings and the Packers both struggling the Bears might just have a chance to climb back into this division race if they can get off to a strong start in the second half, and the way the schedule sets up they’ll have a chance to pick up ground on those teams ahead of them.

“The good news is we’ve got seven of the remaining eight games are all conference games,” says Fox. “There’s a clump the second time around in our division late I believe in the fourth quarter, and so it’s going to be more about us at 2-6 getting back into it. Obviously we could use a little help.”

“All we have to do is just focus on what we have to do,” says guard Kyle Long. “I mean the chips are going to fall where they fall. At the end of the day we have to play our hand to the best of our ability.”

The Bears will take on the Buccaneers in Tampa Sunday.

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