Bears Praise Cutler Following Win

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On a day when Chicago’s biggest winners were in the house, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks, the Bears found a way to do what the Raiders always preach…just win.

“It’s a big win,” said Jay Cutler at his postgame press conference. “The guys are exited. Coaching staff is excited. We got a good group in there.”

It’s safe to say the Bears probably wouldn’t have won this game had Cutler not played. Despite his costly fourth quarter interception, he moved the offense enough to make them competitive despite being limited by his sore hamstring which kept him from straying too far from the pocket.

“If I had to break contain or move a little bit more it might have been a little dicey. But in that five yard little box, I felt pretty good,” said Cutler.

Bears coach John Fox had praise for Cutler. “The thing about Jay, he’s a tough son of a bug, He fought an injury. Some lesser guys may not have been out there, but he was. I thought all-in-all he played outstanding.

The best thing Cutler did was instill confidence in his guys that they could move the ball down field for a game-winning field goal despite starting that last drive from their own 20.  

“Jay kind of huddled us up after we had a timeout or something, and he was like ‘look let’s just move the ball down the field, move it down as close as we can’ and then end the game that way,” said Bears running back Matt Forte.

“That win was really big especially in the fashion that we won,” says tight end Martellus Bennett. “It was a lot bigger, better than having a blowout. We had backs against the wall a couple times on the last two minute drive and we were able to make plays.”

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