Bears React To Another Close Loss

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For the second straight game the Bears lose by a field goal to a division rival. First the Lions, now the Vikings. The Bears had their chances, but couldn’t get it done in the final two minutes.

“We didn’t finish the last two weeks and you lose,” says Bears coach John Fox. “I think down the stretch you’ve got to coach it better. You’ve got to make plays when they’re there to be had.”

“There’s not a lot of blowouts in the NFL. You’re going to be in some tight games,” said Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. “You’ve got to find a way to win in the fourth quarter.”

This is the fourth straight game that the Bears have been in that’s been decided by a
Field goal or less. One play here or there can swing their fortunes. In this game the Bears would
like to have a do-over on that Vikings punt return for a touchdown.

Learning how to win the close ones is part of the growing process, but the NFL isn’t about growing. It’s about winning now.

“I think there’s a lot of things that guys are going through and they’ve got to learn, but at this level there’s no time. You’ve got to grow quickly,” says tight end Martellus Bennett.

“At the end of the day lose by 3 or 33 it counts the same,” says Fox.

Give the Bears credit for hanging in there with a reshuffled offensive line again that had Matt Slausen again sliding to center with Hronis Grasu out injured. And the Bears managed to stay in the game without Matt Forte who went down with a knee injury. The Bears have no idea right now how serious that injury is.

“I hate to speculate that until they get medical evidence but we’ll keep you posted,” said Fox.

So the Bears are 2-5. Their goal from here on out….

“To get better,” says Fox. “It didn’t change after 0-3. It’s not going to change at 2-5.”

“We’ve got to find a way to unite the guys. Keep getting better each and every week,” says Cutler.

The Bears are now 0-3 against all of their division rivals so far this season.

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