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Last week we were encouraged by the Bears play. Not so much after this game. They didn’t do much of anything right against the Cardinals Sunday. They gave up the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Cutler had the pick-six. The defense again didn’t have one single sack, and the Bears had 170 yards in penalties.

As for Jay Cutler’s injury John Fox says it’s a pulled hamstring, and they don’t know how severe it is.

“It takes a while to run tests. Our medical people will inform me, and then I will inform you. But at this point, he’s got a pulled hamstring,” says Fox.

Jimmy Clausen has a lot on his mind trying to get up to speed on running this offense. The results weren’t good in this game with him coming in cold. He had a 56 quarterback rating.

“It’s pretty tough, but that’s my job,” says Clausen. “As a backup quarterback you’ve got to be ready when your name is called when the starter goes down. That’s the nature of the job.”

“Anytime you put a quarterback in the game who has had back-up reps during the week, I think it’s tough for any position, but particularly for a quarterback,” said Fox. “All-in-all I thought he did the best he could.”

As a team the Bears were far from their best. They weren’t even close to mediocre with all the mistakes they made.

“Last week we had no penalties at all, but this week it happens. It’s football. We’ve just got to continue to get better,” said running back Jeremy Langford.

“We just can’t get discouraged by what happened. We’ve just got to stay focused and keep pushing,” said linebacker Pernell McPhee.

The fact that the Cardinals scored 48 points without their top running back Andre Ellington adds to the embarrassment of the Bears. It’s more than a little unnerving coming off this performance to think about the Bears having to go to Seattle next week.

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