Bears’ receiver Robinson ready to run into free agency?

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DETROIT, MI – SEPTEMBER 13: Allen Robinson #12 of the Chicago Bears looks on during the second quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 13, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

LAKE FOREST, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — The Bears offense has been challenged enough in recent seasons trying to put points on the board. Imagine how challenging things could get moving forward if Allen Robinson II is not longer with the team.

That could be the case since Robinson’s contract is up. He could hit the free agent market this offseason.

“Right now everything is petty much on the table,” Robinson told reporters Monday morning in a Zoom press conference. “Over the past three years since I set foot in Chicago I said I’ve created a great, great respect for the organization, for the McCaskey family. I’m definitely thankful for them and for the facility that we have and the things they provide us to come to work with every day…I’ve created a lot of relationships and everything like that here, but right now everything is on the table.”

Also on the table is the possibility that the Bears could put the franchise tag on Robinson retaining him on a one-year contract for big money but not the long-term security Robinson would want. When asked how he would react to the franchise tag Robinson avoided answering.

“I’m not going to get into that right now. I think everybody knows a little bit how I feel about that, but again I’m not really going to get into that right now…I take the fifth on that.”

Robinson hauled in 102 passes for 1250 yards and six touchdowns this season. The 102 receptions ranked sixth in the NFL. The 1250 yards are the second best total of Robinson’s career behind the 1400 he posted in his second season in Jacksonville in 2015.

Robinson wanted a deal done with the Bears before this season and during this season, but for whatever reason the Bears were reluctant to pay what Robinson and his agent were seeking.

“From my standpoint I personally feel like we had an opportunity to be able to get something done over the past, over 365 days now,” said Robinson. “But again I mean, but again that does really, I won’t really let that affect me too much as far as whatever, or however things play out.”

So since Robinson seems to hold most of the cards coming off a great season, what will be the factors in determining where he suits up next year, that’s provided the Bears don’t put the franchise tag on him?

“That’s tough to say. Just of the simple fact again when I came to uh, when I came to Chicago did I know there was a ton of people who thought I wasn’t making the best decision for my career then, but at the same time I knew with coach Nagy, you know, with the team that we had and everything like that that I was doing the best for my career. Coming down to the end of my contract now I’m looking at, okay how do I forsee the next however many years of, of my career going because again that’s what it comes down to.”

“There’s a ton of factors that kind of factor in. I wouldn’t say that one or the other outweighs any one. It’s just the fact that, you know, once you get down to the nitty-gritty of kind of how everything plays outs.”

It is indeed about to become nitty-gritty time for the Bears who could face losing their one reliable offensive weapon.

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