Gould Takes Blame For Missed Field Goals

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The Bears had the wind knocked out of them by their loss to the Niners Sunday. They were more than stunned that they lost this game at home to a struggling opponent, and stunned that Mr. reliable Robbie Gould missed a 36 yard field goal attempt at the end of regulation. It was Gould’s second miss of the day. He says he just blew it.

“I just got quick on the last two in the second half and I let my teammates down. I didn’t get the job done today,” said Gould. “Obviously the guys did a great job of getting it down the field whether it was the 40 yarder early on in the second half or the 35 yarder at the end of the game. I just missed both of them. There’s really no excuses for it. Obviously I just didn’t get it done today.”

The Bears defense shoulders a lot of the blame allowing Blaine Gabbert to make two huge scoring plays in crunch time. Safety Adrian Amos confesses that he thought Gabbert was going to slide down on that 44 yard touchdown run near the end of regulation.

“Yea man, but you can’t use that as an excuse. You’ve got to make a play,” said a dejected Amos as he sat in front of his locker. “We stopped him (Gabbert) all game. We just didn’t finish it.”

“From a defensive perspective two huge plays that we let get away that we can’t let happen if we want to win games and even talk about and hint about the playoffs,” said cornerback Tracy Porter. “We have to take care of things on our side of the ball first.”

“No one enjoys losing, but you’ve got to accept the bad with the good and this is obviously one of the baddest,” said linebacker Willie Young.

This loss is as close as it comes to being a dagger to the Bears playoff hopes. Not only is it a loss, but it’s another loss to an NFC opponent, and remember one of the key tiebreakers come playoff time is record within the conference.

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