My Take: Bears should be all-in on DeShaun Watson if he’s available in a trade

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — The focus on next season will begin for the Bears and Bears fans on Sunday night IF the Bears lose Sunday to the Saints. But with the news that has been coming out on Thursday I’m going to jump ahead.

The word is spreading that Texans quarterback DeShaun Watson will push for a trade this offseason and the Bears are one team that he would consider being traded to. If you’re a Bears’ fan you’re no doubt salivating over the thought of Watson in a Bears’ uniform. But how realistic is that possibility?

It’s understandable that Watson would be unhappy in Houston. The Texans are bad, they’re short on draft picks, and they traded away his favorite target last year DeAndre Hopkins.

It’s also understandable that the Bears would be a team of interest to Watson because the Bears, while not a great team, aren’t a bad team and with a three-time Pro Bowl quarterback like Watson they would have a chance to be a great team.

So then it comes down to what would it take to get Watson in a trade? Considering he’s only 25 and already an elite quarterback it would take a whole lot. At least two first-round draft picks and a pair of seconds, something along those lines. If the Bears had multiple first round picks this year or next year that deal would be easier to pull off, but they don’t.

Should the Bears consider making such a trade and give up a bundle of high draft picks for Watson? YES! It’s hard to compete for Super Bowls without an elite quarterback. The Packers could be knocking on the door of one again this year because of #12. You start at quarterback and then worry about filling in the other positions after that.

The Bears would also have to do some juggling with the salary cap if they took on Watson’s contract, but what he’s due to be paid, roughly $32 million a year for the next five years is very reasonable for a premier NFL quarterback.

Ryan Pace certainly will have incentive to get a DeShaun Watson deal done in order to try to save his job beyond next season if he is brought back next season which I believe he will be.

There will be several teams interested in Watson if the Texans are willing to deal him. That will drive up his price, but if Watson is available the Bears should be all-in.

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