My Take: Bears should move on from Pace, Nagy and Trubisky

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — It’s early January and once again we’re looking at a Bears organization that leaves us asking a lot of questions. The biggest question is will Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy be fired? Will the franchise do a re-boot?

If it were up to me I’d go ahead and make changes. Pace and Nagy would be gone, otherwise you’re probably just delaying the inevitable for another year.

Pace’s mistakes are too glaring starting with the draft picks of Kevin White and Mitchell Trubisky, and most recently the signing of Robert Quinn and Nick Foles to big contracts while not getting a deal done with the Bears one reliable playmaker on offense Allen Robinson II.

As for Nagy it’s clear he’s not the offensive guru he was made out to be when he came from Kansas City, although it’s hard to fully gauge his offensive mind since he’s been stuck with Mitch Trubisky at quarterback.

What I think will happen is both men will be retained. The McCaskey’s aren’t quick to pull the trigger on firing general managers and head coaches unless things disolve into a circus like they did under Marc Trestman. Clearly things aren’t a circus with the Bears currently. They have made the playoffs two of the last three years and Pace and Nagy have set a professional tone at Halas Hall.

Pace has one year left on his contract. I believe the McCaskeys will give him that one more year as a make-or-break year, and if Pace stays Nagy probably gets another year.

The next big question is what to do at quarterback? I could see the Bears re-signing Trubisky for one year making it a make-or-break year for him too. Afterall it’s not going to cost a lot to re-sign him. Trubisky has incentive to return to the Bears because it’s the one team he’d have the best opportunity to start for and show what he can (or can’t) do.

However I’d also move on from Trubisky. Trubisky would make a great breakup quarterback for any NFL team, but if a team is serious about making a deep run in the playoffs he can’t be their number one guy.

A few experienced quarterbacks who could become available as free agents or through trades include Carson Wentz, Cam Newton, Dwayne Haskins, David Carr and DeShaun Watson. The price tag for Watson will be too high for the Bears. Newton and Haskins I have no interest in. Wentz or Carr would be an upgrade over what the Bears have had at quarterback.

But just going by my gut I think the veteran QB most likely to wind up with the Bears is Phillip Rivers. His contract is up with the Colts. The Colts might pursue Wentz. Since Rivers is a free agent he wouldn’t cost the Bears any precious draft picks, and he could be signed to a one-year deal at less than the $25 million the Colts paid him this season.

Yes Rivers is 39 years old, but he’d again big a significant upgrade for the Bears at quarterback.

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