Redzone Failures Doom Bears

NFL Chicago

Bears fans had high hopes going into this game. Hopes of another Chicago playoff team. A win in this game might have put them in the hunt for the postseason.  And it might have happened if only the Bears could have converted that two point conversion. John Fox wouldn’t go into details what went wrong on that play.

“I’m not about to get into scheme and what we were doing schematically, but obviously it came up short,” said Fox.

“We have a lot of options throughout this offense first, second and third down. That play we just didn’t execute as well as we wanted to, and we didn’t get the job done,” said Jay Cutler.

That play was the exclamation point on a day when the Bears struggled in the red zone.

“We’ve got to do better,” said Cutler. “We’ve just got to figure out ways during the week. We’ve got to work on it a little bit more. Guys have got to study more. I’ve got to be, I’ve got to execute better, be more accurate, put the ball where these guys can catch it.”

Cutler was outplayed in this game by Broncos backup Brock Osweiler. Osweiler had two touchdown passes and no turnovers to Cutler’s two turnovers and no touchdown passes.  Give the Bears credit for coming up with a season-high five sacks, for not committing a single penalty, and for putting together the touchdown drive that put them in position for the two-point try.  But in the end it’s another close loss.

“There’s been a few games that we’ve lost in the fourth quarter and we’ve felt like we’ve been right there,” said Cutler. “We can just put this one in the same box as those.”

This is a game where the Bears surely could have used Matt Forte and Alshon Jeffery down there in the red zone where they struggled so badly throughout this game. The Bears now have four days to shake off this loss as they get ready to head up to Green Bay on Thanksgiving night.

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