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Morale isn’t the best for the Bears. An 0-2 start will do that to a team. And a really bad performance Sunday against the Cardinals adds to the gloom. It’s John Fox’s job to keep this team from spiraling downward even deeper.

“Almost everybody in there (the locker room)  is classified as a professional, and that’s what professionals do. They don’t worry about morale. We get paid to win,” says head coach John Fox.

Fox has been through these rocky waters before in his coaching career at Carolina.

“Been there. Done that. We were the team that was 0-4, and then won 11 of our next 12.”

But it’s hard to imagine the Bears winning even one game if Jay Cutler can’t play and Jimmy Clausen has to play.  Despite his inability to move the offense Sunday Clausen believes he can get the job done if he gets practice time with the first unit.

“Yea I can. That’s what we’re going to do is starting on Tuesday is work to get this thing going again.”

It doesn’t matter who the Bears starting quarterback is this Sunday or any Sunday if the Bears keep shooting themselves in the foot as they did in this game against the Cardinals. 170 yards in penalties…they know that can’t happen this Sunday against Seattle.

“The biggest thing is we’ve got to get everyone on the same page so we don’t have those same mistakes,” says Clausen.

The Bears say inspite of their mistakes Sunday this is not the same bumbling team that we saw last year.

“We’re not going to talk about last year,” says offensive tackle Jermon Bushro. “It’s two different years. It’s two different identities. These are things that, they’re self-inflicted wounds.”

“We’ve got to continue to get better and stay consistent,” says running back Jeremy Langford “That’s what football’s about is staying consistent. I think we will get that in the next couple games.”

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