Why it’s important to get involved with Operation Honor Guard

When our military puts on their uniform, they commit to a life of service, dedication and sacrifice, all in defense of something bigger than themselves.  As citizens of the nation they so nobly defend, it is our privilege and responsibility to stand behind them, ready and willing to provide them any support necessary.  This doesn’t end when these soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines take their last breath.

These heroes have earned the right to be buried with military honors.  Unfortunately, many communities lack the funds and resources needed to say farewell to these men and women in the manner they deserve.  Operation Honor Guard, NFP provides charitable assistance to organizations working to provide military funerals for veterans and service members.

  • Last year, Operation Honor Guard helped over 30 honor guard details in Northern Illinois, and that is just the tip of the iceberg
  • On average there are 7 to 8 Honor Guard members at each military funeral
  • It takes over $800.00 to completely outfit each honor guard member

These special fund drives will support honor guards throughout Illinois. The entire staff of Fitzgerald Funeral Home & Crematory LTD. along with the entire WTVO-TV and WQRF-TV staff are honored to support those who are still serving their nation by providing Honor Guards to our fallen Veterans.

Local Honor Guards & Operation Honor Guard will be collecting donations at the location below on October 4th, 2018 from 6am-7pm. Show your support by donating in person or online!

Fitzgerald Funeral Home
& Crematory LTD.
​1860 S. Mulford Rd. 
Rockford, IL 61108 
Phone: (815) 226-2273

Rockford Day of Giving 2018Donate today to ensure the tradition of the honor guard remains in Rockford.$750.00 7%7%DonateDonorsDorothy Nimmer
10/18/2018 – $50.00Michael Woodring
10/05/2018 – $100.00Steven Gunderson
10/04/2018 – $250.00Glenna Pearson
10/04/2018 – $50.00Sarah Hansen
10/04/2018 – $50.00Jodee Johnson
10/04/2018 – $50.00Emily Christiansen
10/04/2018 – $50.00Sally & Doug Mark
10/02/2018 – $100.00Lori Shipman
10/02/2018 – $50.00