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Is the Fitbit Scale or Wyze Scale better? 

Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or have other fitness goals, tracking your progress allows you to calibrate your diet and exercise programs to achieve your fitness goals. Traditionally, people have relied on a basic weighing scale to track their weight. With modern technology, you can do a lot more using a digital smart scale. For example, you can determine your body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), trends over time, and sync the data with apps and wearable devices. Fitbit and Wyze offer smart scales, with Wyze being more affordable and providing more health and fitness data compared to the Fitbit scale. 

Fitbit scale

Fitbit is one of the most recognized names in the wearable fitness products industry. It offers several types of fitness trackers and fitness smartwatches. One of the products by Fitbit is the Fitbit scale known as the Fitbit Aria Air series. The technology used by the Fitbit scale is known as bioimpedance. This technology does not require any electrical current to pass through the body, a feature that might be extremely important for people who have been implanted with devices such as a pacemaker or are not comfortable with the idea of having a current pass through the body. Keep in mind that with other smart scales, the amount of current that passes through the body is small and should not concern most people. 

Fitbit Aria Air

The Fitbit scale heavily relies on the Fitbit app, which you will need to download your smartphone and create a Fitbit account. The data you enter in the Fitbit app such as your height and weight will be used to calculate your body composition. This method of determining the body composition might not be as accurate compared to using an electric current. The Fitbit scale will connect with your phone via Bluetooth, however, there is also a Wi-Fi version of the Aria Air. The Bluetooth connectivity for the setup is quick and straightforward. If you own other Fitbit products such as fitness trackers, the Fitbit scale will fit nicely into the Fitbit ecosystem. This product is available on Amazon for $49.95.   

Fitbit Scale pros

  • The Bluetooth syncing with the Fitbit app is smooth and easy.
  • The Fitapp app offers an excellent user interface and is loaded with features including calorie tracking, reviewing daily activity goals and recommended heart rate zones for cardio.
  • The Fitbit scale allows multiple users to sync their phones to the scale.

Fitbit Scale cons

  • This product does not offer body composition data. You will need to sync it to the Fitbit app, which will use the Fitbit app profile data to estimate your body composition.
  • There is no option to store data in the scale. Users have to rely on uploading the data to their Fitbit app profile. 

Wyze Scale

The Wyze smart scale offers a complete range of body composition data including weight, water weight, body fat, heart rate and a few other body composition metrics.  Other competitively priced scales do not offer this feature, making Wyze a great product for those interested in body composition data. There is an unlimited number of users that sync their phones with this scale. There is a useful feature in this product where it can automatically recognize up to 8 users based on their body composition.

Wyze smart scale

This scale can be synced using Bluetooth technology with the Wyze app or other third-party apps such as Google fit or Apple health. The device is compatible with Android and iOS apps. The setup of this scale is simple. You just need to connect it with your smartphone using Bluetooth. The scale will turn on as soon as you stand on it and the different sensors on the product will collect all the data to either display the data on the scale or the app. If you own a Wyze band, which is a type of fitness tracker, this scale will integrate seamlessly with the band.

One of the features of this product is that it offers a special mode for users who are wearing a pacemaker or are pregnant. In this mode, the Wyze scale will not by measuring the body composition data, but will only provide a reading for the weight. For the regular body composition analysis, the Wyze scale uses a bioelectric impedance analysis, so there will be a small electric current that passes through the body. This product is available on Amazon for $33.98.

Wyze scale pros

  • The full range of body composition is a rare feature for a scale in this price range.
  • There is a safe mode feature that allows people who are pregnant or use a pacemaker to use this scale.

Wyze scale cons

  • This product shows only recommended levels for BMI. Some other scales show if you are in a high, normal, or low range for BMI.
  • The BIA method of body composition measurement is safe for most people, but some users might not be comfortable in having an electric current pass through them.   

Should you get Fitbit or Wyze scale?

It’s a great investment to buy a digital scale if you want to track your health and fitness levels. Compared to the Fitbit scale, the Wyze scale offers more features at a lower price. However, if you are already a user of Fitbit fitness trackers or enjoy using the Fitbit app, the Fitbit scale might be more appealing to you. Also, if you are not comfortable with the bioelectric method of body composition analysis, the Fitbit scale will be a more suitable choice. 

Both products offer sleek aesthetics. The Wyze scale also offers more accurate data due to the bioelectric method it uses. The unbeatable price of the Wyze scale combined with the full range body composition analysis should make it a better product for most types of users.


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