Which “Toy Story” backpack is best?

A classic movie series like “Toy Story” has its fair share of merchandise and themed accessories. Popular among school-aged children and older fans both, a “Toy Story” backpack is cute, fashionable and practical for avid fans.

There are many types of “Toy Story” backpacks available, including “Toy Story “4 backpacks, mini backpacks and regular backpacks. For a durable option for young kids, the top pick is the Disney Fletcher Backpack.

What to know before you buy a “Toy Story” backpack


Backpacks are usually made from a combination of materials, such as polyester and cotton canvas. Some backpacks mix and match materials, which results in different textures.

Cotton canvas is a highly durable material that keeps its shape for a long time. It tends to have a limited color palette, but its water-resistant or waterproof properties make it ideal for backpacks.

A lot of classic backpacks are made with polyester, an affordable, fast-drying material. Backpacks that use polyester are less rigid than those that only use cotton canvas. That’s why a high-quality backpack probably will have a combination of both materials.

Polypropylene is another common material in backpacks since it’s lightweight, durable and long-lasting. It’s also easy to dye it bright colors, which makes it perfect for “Toy Story” backpacks and other themed merchandise.

For a more expensive backpack, consider one that consists mainly of nylon. Like cotton canvas, nylon is waterproof or water-resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Some backpacks, especially those geared toward adults, come in other materials. These materials include denim, faux leather and leather. Each material has a range of durability and water resistance.


The shell refers to the exterior of the backpack. Like other backpacks, most “Toy Story” backpacks have either a hard shell or a soft shell. “Toy Story” mini backpacks are more likely to have a soft shell than a hard shell.

Hard-shell backpacks are durable and reliable. They usually keep their shape and structure even when they’re exposed to the elements. Soft-shell backpacks, on the other hand, may not be able to repel water. They also may tear more easily.

Mini backpack vs. regular backpack

A mini backpack essentially is a smaller version of a regular-sized backpack. Mini backpacks are best for young kids who have narrower shoulders and can’t hold as much weight on their backs. However, older people also can use a mini backpack.

Mini backpacks may not hold all the things a larger backpack can, such as schoolbooks, but they still fit things such as small notebooks, a pencil case and snacks.


When it comes to “Toy Story” backpacks, each one has its own shape, size and design. Many classic backpacks, especially those meant for school, have a large primary compartment and a smaller front section. Larger backpacks may contain multiple compartments for storing things such as books, computers, tablets and water bottles.

If you want something that’s lightweight and easy to carry while still being functional, a mini backpack may be the way to go. These backpacks are similar to purses or other handbags, although you can wear them like a standard backpack. “Toy Story” mini backpacks, as well as other themed mini backpacks, can be quite fashionable.

What to look for in a quality “Toy Story” backpack

Storage space

When deciding between a “Toy Story” mini backpack and a regular or larger backpack, consider the purpose of the backpack and the types of things you’ll be carrying. If you want to organize your things, choose a backpack with multiple zippered or separate pockets. That way, everything remains separate and you won’t have to go digging around for what you need. Storing smaller items such as phones, pens or erasers in small compartments is convenient when you need to access them quickly. If you want something simpler, choose a backpack that doesn’t have a lot of compartments.


Most “Toy Story” backpacks are measured in liters. For older individuals, a backpack should be 20-30 liters. Young children are better off with a smaller bag or a mini backpack.

Some backpacks are measured in inches. Most notebooks, folders and books are around 12 inches in height. Check if the backpack lists its carrying capacity and height to make sure everything will fit.


Some “Toy Story” backpacks come with a single strap that lets the backpack sit lower on the wearer’s back. Others follow more of the classic design with two shoulder straps. Backpacks with one strap are best for casual use or carrying lightweight items.

A backpack with two straps can help distribute the weight evenly across the wearer’s shoulders so they can carry heavier things. If you need something that offers more support and weight distribution, consider a backpack with extra straps, like one that goes around the sternum or waist.

Whenever possible, look for straps with padding. The padding makes them more comfortable and prevents them from digging into the shoulders or back. Also, see if the straps are adjustable for a more secure or customizable fit.

Other features

“Toy Story” backpacks may come with other features, too. These include:

  • External mesh pockets on the sides large enough to fit a water bottle or two
  • See-through pocket for small things such as erasers or pens
  • Separate section inside for fitting a wired headset with a hole at the top to pull the cord through
  • Handlebar and wheels for rolling the bag rather than carrying it
  • Small locks or clips for carrying valuables or smaller accessories such as “Toy Story”-themed characters

How much you can expect to spend on a “Toy Story” backpack

A standard “Toy Story” backpack costs $20-$40. “Toy Story” mini backpacks may cost a little less, while backpacks with more features or customized designs could cost more.

“Toy Story” backpack FAQ

Can you put stickers on a backpack?

A. This depends on the material of the backpack. If the backpack is made of cloth, the stickers may not stick. Instead, consider decorating it with pins or hanging accessories.

Where can you buy a “Toy Story 4” backpack?

A. “Toy Story 4” backpacks as well as other themed backpacks are available online and at certain major stores, including Kohl’s.

What’s the best “Toy Story” backpack to buy?

Top “Toy Story” backpack

Disney Fletcher Backpack

Disney Fletcher Backpack

What you need to know: This 12-liter “Toy Story” backpack is perfect for young children who love the classic story and all of Andy’s toys.

What you’ll love: With an adjustable, padded shoulder strap, this kids’ backpack is really comfortable. It’s water-resistant and has several zippered pockets and exterior compartments for storing books, water bottles and basic school supplies.

What you should consider: It may be too small for older students who need to carry more things.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top “Toy Story” backpack for the money

Disney “Toy Story 4” Kids Backpack

Disney “Toy Story 4” Kids Backpack

What you need to know: Perfect for fans of “Toy Story 4,” this 12-inch backpack is very durable.

What you’ll love: The backpack comes with a primary zippered compartment and a smaller compartment. It has two mesh side pockets for carrying smaller items such as toys or snacks. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable for added comfort.

What you should consider: This backpack is not meant for carrying many books or large items.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Loungefly “Toy Story” Chibi Characters Allover-Print Mini Backpack

Loungefly “Toy Story” Chibi Characters Allover-Print Mini Backpack

What you need to know: This officially licensed “Toy Story 4” mini backpack is perfect for older kids and those who want an alternative to a larger backpack or purse.

What you’ll love: Made with faux leather, this stylish mini backpack is designed to carry small things such as phones, books, credit cards and other accessories. The backpack itself has all the beloved “Toy Story” characters in the chibi style.

What you should consider: Although the characters are adorable, this backpack is not intended for small children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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