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Which ottoman is best?

An ottoman is a great way to tie a room together. It provides more seating or reclining space and can easily be moved around the room to accommodate new needs. It adds to the overall look of a room as an aesthetically pleasing accent and is available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. The Homebeez Round Velvet Storage Ottoman is a beautiful, well-crafted piece of tufted furniture that is sure to draw the eye.

What to know before you buy an ottoman


An ottoman typically has a wooden or steel frame upholstered in one of several materials.

  • Cotton is durable, lightweight, comfortable and easy to clean. It comes in many prints and colors but can fade faster than other fabrics.
  • Polyester is an affordable, breathable fabric that comes in a wide selection of colors. It doesn’t last as long as other fabrics, but it’s great for a tight budget.
  • Linen is durable and holds up well over time. It is easy to clean and has a sophisticated look. 
  • Twill hides stains or imperfections really well. It’s popular with upholstered furniture and curtains, which must be strong and dependable. 
  • Velvet is a soft material with a great texture that comes in beautiful colors. It feels and looks good but can be difficult to clean.
  • Leather is the most durable and the most expensive option. It’s easy to clean, and the colors feature rich tones but are limited in variety. 
  • Faux leather has plenty of stylistic similarities to leather but costs less. It isn’t as durable but is easier to find in different styles and colors.


Some ottomans are sized to match a chair or sofa produced by the same manufacturer. In general, however, an ottoman usually stands between 13 and 20 inches high and around 18 inches deep. It should be at least two-thirds the size of a sofa, and you should leave around 12 to 30 inches of space between it and any surrounding furniture.


Some ottomans feature a flat base that sits flush with the floor, while others have feet made from a material intended to contrast or compliment the upholstered fabric. An ottoman can have three to four feet constructed from wood, engineered wood or metal. 

What to look for in a quality ottoman


Some ottomans feature removable lids that reveal a compartment inside for storing blankets, toys or books. Others have a built-in tray in the center where you can put food, drinks or personal items, such as your phone. If you want the best of both worlds, look for an interior storage ottoman with a reversible lid that flips over when you need a small tabletop.

Tufted vs. smooth surface 

An ottoman’s exterior can be tufted with buttons or nails, but there are also smooth options that don’t rely on so much hardware. 

  • Tufted cushioning is usually more comfortable and retains the ottoman’s shape well. It adds some dimension and texture. 
  • Smooth cushioning doesn’t always keep its shape, but it feels nicer if you don’t like bumps. It’s also easier to clean.


While square and round ottomans are the most popular, a few less traditional shapes are also available.

  • Wedge: This one has a few angles, making it great for small or unconventionally designed spaces.
  • Rectangular: This one is elongated and functions like a bench. 
  • Half-circle: This shape looks like a round ottoman cut in half. It is great if you want some rounded depth but needs the ottoman to fit flat against the edge of a sofa or chair.
  • Pouf: Unlike a round ottoman with a base or feet, a pouf is round all over, similar to a beanbag chair. It’s great for small spaces.

How much you can expect to spend on an ottoman

An ottoman can cost $30-$500 depending on the size, materials and style.

Ottoman FAQ

What’s the difference between an ottoman and a bench?

A. An ottoman can serve similar functions to benches and footstools. The main difference is usually the materials from which it is constructed and the size, though some ottomans are quite large.

How do you clean an ottoman?

A. An ottoman can be gently cleaned with baking soda, spray cleaners or steam cleaning, depending on the fabric. Check the ottoman label because there might be specific instructions.

What’s the best ottoman to buy?

Top ottoman

Homebeez Round Velvet Storage Ottoman

Homebeez Round Velvet Storage Ottoman

What you need to know: Measuring 17.1 inches deep by 28.1 inches wide by 28.1 inches high, this round ottoman has a solid wood frame and is upholstered in button-tufted velvet.

What you’ll love: The lid comes off to reveal ample storage space. The tufting looks elegant, and the velvet comes in eight attractive colors. It’s sturdy, and no assembly is required.

What you should consider: The oatmeal color ottoman is not velvet like the other options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ottoman for the money

Seville Classics Foldable Storage Ottoman

Seville Classics Foldable Storage Ottoman

What you need to know: This square ottoman has an engineered wood frame with a tufted polyester exterior and measures 15.7 inches deep by 15.7 inches wide by 15.7 inches high.

What you’ll love: The lid is easily removable for storage space. It’s lightweight but sturdy enough to stand on. You can remove the lid and fold up the ottoman square. It comes in midnight blue, modern gray and tweed.

What you should consider: There is initially an odor that fades over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Home Depot and Macy’s

Worth checking out

Ornavo Home Modern Round Velvet Storage Ottoman

Ornavo Home Modern Round Velvet Storage Ottoman

What you need to know: This 18-by-15-by-15-inch round ottoman is constructed from engineered wood with a smooth velvet exterior and gold-tone metal legs.

What you’ll love: The lid opens to reveal storage space and flips over to be used as a small table. It is well-made and comes in six colors. The gold legs add a touch of glamour.

What you should consider: It’s easy to put together, but assembly is required.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Macy’s


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