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Which Samsung dryer is best?

So you’ve just got a brand new washing machine, and you’ve just run a load of laundry that’s come out smelling fresher and cleaner than they ever have before. Are you really going to ruin that quality clean by chunking those clothes into a dusty dryer that won’t even completely dry with one cycle?

If you make the right decision to grab a new dryer to go with that washer, then consider the Samsung DVE55M9600W 7.5 cu. ft. White Electric Dryer with FlexDry. It’s surprisingly affordable and has all the drying options you need.

What to know before you buy a Samsung dryer

Gas vs. electric

Samsung dryers are powered using either a connection to your natural gas line or to your electrical power.

  • Gas: Gas-powered Samsung dryers usually feature an increased initial cost compared to a similar electric-powered Samsung dryer, but they cause a smaller increase to your energy bill. They also tend to dry clothes a little bit quicker. The downsides are that they require access to a natural gas line and still require some electricity to function. They’re required to be installed by a professional as incorrect installation can be a massive health and safety risk.
  • Electric: Electric Samsung dryers are much easier to install. They can even be installed on your own, which can drive down the initial cost even further by not needing to pay for expert installation. The only downside is you’re going to spend more on your electric bill each year which will eventually make your electric Samsung dryer cost more overall.


When shopping for a Samsung dryer, consider two sizes: internal and external.

  • Internal: Samsung dryers can have internal spaces from roughly 4 cubic feet to 8 cubic feet. These internal capacities don’t always directly correlate to the external size.
  • External: Samsung dryers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, greatly affecting their full dimensions. For example, some are built to be stacked, making them shorter but wider and deeper than a Samsung dryer built to remain on its own.

What to look for in a quality Samsung dryer

Drying modes

Samsung dryers can have various drying modes available to use in a given model. They can include timed drying, wrinkle prevention, extra cycles and even steam-related features. Check the product listing before purchasing to see what options your prospective Samsung dryer includes.

Smarthome integration

As technology progresses, more and more Samsung dryers include WiFi connectivity for integration with your smart home services like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, in addition to the included Samsung app for controlling and monitoring the dryer directly. This feature doesn’t always mean more expensive either.

How much you can expect to spend on a Samsung dryer

Samsung is one of the best brands available for many electronics and appliances yet doesn’t feature much of a price hike. Typically, you can find a Samsung dryer for roughly $800-$1,500, though there are some exceptions on either side.

Samsung dryer FAQ

Are there any articles of clothing that shouldn’t be run through a Samsung dryer?

Unfortunately, yes, even Samsung dryers can’t handle everything. The most common article is delicates which can be affected by the heat or damaged by the spinning drum. Antimicrobial articles of clothing, like some meant for working out, should also not be run through your Samsung dryer. Finally, shoes should not be run through your Samsung dryer as they can easily damage and be damaged by slamming into the drum during a cycle.

Do gas-powered Samsung dryers leave any kind of gas smell in clothing?

Nope, gas-powered Samsung dryers do not impart any kind of gaseous smell onto your clothing. In fact, if you do smell any kind of gas, that means your Samsung dryer has sprouted a leak or wasn’t properly installed. Should you smell or think you smell gas from around the area of your gas-powered Samsung dryer, call a professional to examine your home.

What’s the best Samsung dryer to buy?

Top Samsung dryer

Samsung DVE55M9600W 7.5 cu. ft. White Electric Dryer with FlexDry

Samsung DVE55M9600W 7.5 cu. ft. White Electric Dryer with FlexDry

What you need to know: This top choice Samsung dryer is surprisingly affordable for all of the options included.

What you’ll love: The 7.5 cubic feet of internal space is a 36 by 29 by 51-inch body which is a little smaller than similarly sized 7.5 cubic feet Samsung dryers. There are 11 drying options included in this Samsung dryer.

What you should consider: There are a few similarly priced models that feature smart home integration at the expense of being gas powered instead of electrical powered, like the bottom recommendation below.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Samsung dryer for the money

Samsung DVE45T6000W 7.5 cu. ft. White Electric Dryer

Samsung DVE45T6000W 7.5 cu. ft. White Electric Dryer

What you need to know: This lower-cost Samsung dryer saves money without sacrificing drying ability, though it does like some of the options.

What you’ll love: This Samsung dryer can have its door installed to open either left or right, increasing your installation options. This Samsung dryer is built to be stacked with a compatible Samsung washer for even more space savings. The inside drum contains a light for increased visibility.

What you should consider: The stylings of this Samsung dryer are a little outdated as Samsung has moved past this model’s initial production range by a few years.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

Samsung DVG55M9600V 7.5 cu. ft. Smart Gas Dryer with FlexDry

Samsung DVG55M9600V 7.5 cu. ft. Smart Gas Dryer with FlexDry

What you need to know: This is a great option for those looking for a smart integrated Samsung dryer.

What you’ll love: This Samsung dryer can connect to your WiFi to be controlled and monitored anywhere with the included smartphone and tablet app. It also contains two separate drying compartments: the main compartment below and a smaller compartment above reserved for drying delicates.

What you should consider: You need to have a natural gas line in your home to take advantage of this extra-featured and smart version of the electric Samsung dryer above.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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