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Which Whirlpool dryers are best?

It’s always inconvenient when a dryer is on the fritz and needs replacing, which makes it all the more important to buy one that will last. 

You have a lot of choices when it’s time to shop for a dryer, but Whirlpool is a trusted source of laundry equipment and other household appliances that is known for quality. They offer a wide variety of dryers with the latest technology and models to fit any budget, but a top pick is the Whirlpool 120-Volt Gas Vented Dryer

What to know before you buy a Whirlpool dryer

Gas or electric?

Gas and electric are your two options when purchasing a dryer. If you’re looking for the most efficient dryer to help you save on your electric bills, a gas dryer is your best bet because they heat up quicker, which allows them to generate more heat, but they are not always the easiest to install. 

Electric dryers will cost you less up front and they are typically easier to install because most homes already have the wiring in place. 

Types of Whirlpool dryers 

  • Top-loading: These are the most traditional and typically the less expensive dryer models. 
  • Front-loading: These are typically new models and are more expensive because they often have more features. 
  • Stacked laundry center: This model is one connected unit with a dryer on top and washer on bottom. 
  • All-in-one: Whirlpool also offers their own washer/dryer combo that does both jobs in the same compact unit. 

Energy Star certified

Whirlpool offers Energy Star certified dryers that are good for the environment and your pocketbook by preventing greenhouse gas emissions and helping you cut down on your utility bills. 

What to look for in a Whirlpool dryer

Scan-to-connect technology

For the Whirlpool models with this technology, you can download the Whirlpool app, scan the product QR code and control your washer and dryer from your smartphone. You can set timers, monitor laundry progress and even troubleshoot potential issues with the dryer. 

Wrinkle shield plus

You aren’t always able to remove clothes from the dryer right when a load finishes, so this technology will periodically tumble and fluff clothes to prevent them from sitting and forming wrinkles. The with-steam feature adds steam to help further eliminate wrinkles. 

Advanced moisture sensing

With conventional dryers, it’s common for clothes to either be still wet or much too hot after a regular cycle, but this setting helps you find that elusive Goldilocks zone where they are just right by activating a sensor that turns off the appliance when the clothes are fully dry. 

Another way to speed up drying time is to invest in dryer balls.

How much you can expect to spend on a Whirlpool dryer

Lower-end Whirlpool dryers can cost under $750 and have basic drying functions, but if looking for a dryer with additional features, such as wrinkle reduction and the ability to control from your smartphone, those models can cost between $750-$1,250. Top-of-the-line Whirlpool dryers that offer eco-friendly technology and self-monitoring drying capabilities can cost over $1,300.

Whirlpool dryer FAQ

How do I connect my Whirlpool dryer to the Scan-to-Connect technology?

A.  It’s very simple. Just download the Whirlpool app to your smartphone, link your appliance and follow the step-by-step guide to connect your device and you’re up and running. For more detailed instructions, you can refer to the manufacturer’s website.

How do I know it’s time to get a new dryer?

A. If your clothes are not drying fully; if you frequently find wet spots on your clothes; if the machine is loud; if there is rattling, banging or squealing; if you can see exposed wiring or if it’s over 10 years old, these are good signs that it’s time for a new dryer. 

What’s the best Whirlpool dryer to buy?

Top Whirlpool dryer to buy

Whirlpool 120-Volt Gas Vented Dryer

Whirlpool 120-Volt Gas Vented Dryer 

What you need to know: This popular large-capacity, top-load dryer has 14 different dryer cycles and plenty of room to handle large loads and bulky items. 

What you’ll love: The AutoDry drying system prevents overdrying, while the Wrinkle Shield option activates intermediate tumbling after the load is finished to prevent clothes from wrinkling while sitting. The wide-opening hamper door allows you plenty of room to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. 

What you should consider: Some customers found that it took the dryer a few cycles after being installed before thoroughly drying clothes. 

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Top Whirlpool dryer for the money

Whirlpool Electric Vented Dryer

Whirlpool Electric Vented Dryer 

What you need to know: This budget-friendly Whirlpool dryer is ideal for large families. It has a large capacity and convenient top-loading design.

What you’ll love: The three drying temperature settings allow for customization of drying for each type of garment, while the set control can dry larger loads on your schedule. This model features AutoDry and Winkle Shield options to help prepare your clothing exactly to your liking.

What you should consider: Since this model is a basic version, there are limitations in the controls and options.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Worth checking out

Whirlpool Stackable Electric Ventless Dryer

Whirlpool Stackable Electric Ventless Dryer 

What you need to know: This eco-friendly option with an Energy Star rating and hybrid heat pump drying technology will help you conserve energy and reduce your utility bill.

What you’ll love: This top-of-the-line Whirlpool dryer comes with a wide array of technological advances, including four baffles to tumble clothes so they open up freely, intuitive controls that allow the dryer to select the ideal setting and advanced moisture sensing to prevent over-drying. The large 7.4-cubic foot capacity allows for large loads, and the laundry pedestals raise the dryer for easy loading and unloading.

What you should consider: This model is one of the more expensive Whirlpool dryers. 

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

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