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Which desks are best for working from home?

One of the most important investments you’ll make in a home office is a desk, which functions as the center of your productivity. In addition to providing a clear workspace, a work-from-home desk may help you “stay in the zone” for projects, meetings or deadlines, even from afar. 

Finding the right desk involves taking inventory of your professional needs. Monarch Specialties Corner Desk, for example, offers a high level of organization with shelves and a built-in filing cabinet.

What to know before you buy a desk for working from home

Desk types

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the diverse range of work-from-home desks on the market. To narrow your options, find the design that suits your professional needs best among these five desk types:

  • Rectangular desks are well-received for their versatility and sprawling tabletops. They’re available in several sizes, ranging from compact computer desks to long drafting desks. 
  • L-shaped desks create a split workspace with dual tabletops. Besides providing room for writing and device use, many L-shaped desks have shelves or filing cabinets.
  • Executive desks have large tabletops and several drawers. They’re attractive and often become the focal point of home offices. 
  • Wall-mounted desks have drop-leaf or folding designs to optimize space. These desks are popular for small or mixed used spaces.
  • Standing desks, a newer option among work-from-home desks, are super if you’d like the option to work on your feet. 


Unless you’re paying for high-end furniture, be prepared to assemble a work-from-home desk. Fortunately, most of these kits include all the necessary components and tools to put them together. If you decide not to assemble the desk yourself, many retailers offer professional assembly services for an additional charge. 

What to look for in a quality desk for working from home 


Most high-end and craftsman-made desks are made of wood. In addition to fine details and high-quality construction, they have the highest durability among materials. Wooden desks tend to be the most expensive, and they’re much heavier than metal and MDF desks.

Metal desks are durable and hold up to considerable wear and tear. They’re also low-maintenance because they rarely require more than surface cleaning. While metal desks have an industrial or clinical appearance, they remain affordable and practical.

Many affordable desks for working from home are made with MDF, a byproduct of hardwood and softwood. They may resemble wooden desks, but they lack real wood’s durability because they’re prone to chipping, peeling or bowing. 

Cable management 

Newer desks for working from home offer cable management. These desks have cutouts or adjustable panels to accommodate power cords and wires. Certain desks have cutouts toward the back of the tabletop, where others are located in back or side panels. 


If you need to store paperwork, devices or office supplies, consider buying a desk with a high level of organization. Many designs feature integrated shelves, while others have built-in filing cabinets. Some gaming desks, which are often embraced as work-from-home desks, may have racks or pegs for headphones or tablets.

How much you can expect to spend on a desk for working from home

Desks made with primarily MDF components cost $100-$350. If you’re looking for a quality wood desk, be prepared to spend $400-$1,000. Desks made by craftsmen or high-end furniture designers, including many executive desks, cost $1,000-$2,500. 

Desk for working from home FAQ

Do I really need to buy a work-from-home desk?

A. It’s not necessary, but a desk is a practical alternative to kitchen counters or dining room tables. A work desk may help professionals compartmentalize work and create boundaries to achieve a better work-life balance.

Where should I set up my work-from-home desk?

A. When possible, set up your desk in a guest room, basement or loft. If an extra room isn’t available for a dedicated home office, many professionals set up their desks in corners of larger, mixed-use areas like dining rooms or living rooms. 

I’m going back to the office — should I get rid of my work-from-home desk?

A. It’s a good idea to keep it on hand, even if you keep it in a garage or storage unit, in the event you work remotely in the future. Another option is to repurpose the desk for crafting, homework or other activities. 

What’s the best work-from-home desk?

Top desk for working from home

Monarch Specialties Corner Desk

Monarch Specialties Corner Desk

What you need to know: This attractive L-shaped desk offers plenty of storage and a sprawling workspace.

What you’ll love: Versatile design blends in well with most room décor. Desk can hold multiple monitors and peripherals. Assembly is fairly straightforward and takes less than a couple hours. 

What you should consider: Shelves have limited weight capacities. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top desk for working from home for the money

Foxemart Modern Computer Desk

Foxemart Modern Computer Desk

What you need to know: Simple and affordable, this basic computer desk is suitable for small or mixed-use spaces.

What you’ll love: Durable construction with fixed steel brackets and a scratch-resistant desktop. Assembly takes less than 15 minutes. Includes a 24-month guarantee with first-rate customer service.

What you should consider: Some reports that assembly wasn’t as easy as promised.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Mr. Ironstone Gaming Desk

Mr. Ironstone Gaming Desk

What you need to know: A built-to-last design, this gaming desk has a few modern conveniences for the busy professional.

What you’ll love: Equipped with cable management holes, cupholder and headset hook. Desk supports up to 110 pounds. A low-profile, compact design that fits against the wall or in the corner. 

What you should consider: A smaller option that may be limiting for some professionals. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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