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Which keto pizza crust is best?

There seem to be as many diets as there are health goals these days, but one of the most popular is the keto diet.

When you’re ready to dive in but don’t want to give up your favorite foods, there are some good swaps out there. Cali’flour Foods Pizza Crust is the best keto pizza crust. It has high protein and low carbs while still giving you a taste of the foods you love.

What to know before you buy a keto pizza crust

What the keto diet is

“Keto” is short for “ketogenic.” The National Institutes of Health has found that this low-carb, high-fat diet can help with certain cancers and Alzheimer’s disease, but the long-term effects are unclear. Talk to your doctor before making any major dietary changes.

Pre-made crust vs. pizza crust mix

As with traditional pizza crusts, keto pizza crust is available in two forms: pre-made crust and a pizza crust mix.

  • Pre-made crust: These require strict adherence to the directions for the crust that you purchased. Some of them are made of cauliflower, while others use a mix of different ingredients. You can also generally keep these fresh in the freezer for longer, and they are a convenient option for busy people.
  • Pizza crust mix: A mix gives you the experience of creating the crust in your own kitchen. It’s generally more shelf stable than pre-made crusts, and most of them require only water and oil. These are less convenient than a pre-made crust, and there is a rising time that may make them best for the weekends.

Other dietary considerations

Some people who adopt a keto diet also need to restrict other allergens or types of foods. Read the ingredients list carefully to see if your keto pizza crust is free from any other problematic ingredients.

What to look for in a quality keto pizza crust


A major complaint of many keto-friendly pizza crusts is that they are soggy when cooked. The best ones achieve a crisp crust, but you’ll need to follow the package instructions precisely.

Allergen friendly 

Some might find the keto diet to be restrictive, but others need to follow additional dietary guidelines. If you are avoiding gluten or other common allergens such as eggs and dairy, make sure the ingredient list of the one you choose is compliant. 

Low sugar

Part of a keto diet is low sugar, including low amounts of artificial sweeteners. The best keto pizza crusts use minimal amounts of sweeteners from sources that are approved for this type of diet.

How much you can expect to spend on keto pizza crust

Keto pizza crusts cost $10-$15 per crust. The price difference is based on the number of crusts per pack, the ingredients used and the size of the crust.

Keto pizza crust FAQ

What are some keto-friendly pizza toppings?

A. The crust is just the beginning of a keto-compliant pizza. You’ll need to pay attention to toppings. Some of the most common allowed include:

  • Fish and seafood
  • Low-carb vegetables (e.g., spinach, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower and asparagus)
  • Cheese
  • Avocado
  • Chicken, beef and pork
  • Eggs
  • Nuts, seeds and beneficial oils (think coconut and olive oils)
  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Cottage cheese

Good pizza combo toppings might be smoked salmon and spinach or chicken and roasted peppers with a garlic cream sauce. 

Don’t forget dessert pizzas. These can include:

  • Berries
  • Unsweetened coffee and tea
  • Dark chocolate
  • Cocoa powder
  • Cacao nibs

Make a sweet cocoa “sauce” with pureed ricotta and a dash of cocoa powder. Top with berries and dark chocolate shavings. 

Doesn’t a processed keto pizza crust go against the keto diet?

A. While it is important to focus on whole foods in the ketogenic diet, there are times when processed food is OK. If you struggle to stay on the diet because cooking dinner has become hard, or if you miss some of the foods you need to eliminate, substituting a keto-friendly swap on occasion won’t hurt.

What’s the best keto pizza crust to buy?

Top keto pizza crust

Cali'flour Foods Pizza Crust

Cali’flour Foods Pizza Crust

What you need to know: This is a three-pack of crusts that are easy to use straight from the freezer whenever a pizza craving hits.

What you’ll love: Made from cauliflower, mozzarella, egg whites, basil, garlic and Italian spices, this crust has eight grams of protein per serving, plus just 1 gram of net carbs and 90 calories. It’s gluten, grain, wheat, nut and soy-free. These are available in four flavors: original Italian, plain, spicy jalapeno and sweet red pepper.

What you should consider: Follow cooking directions exactly for a less soggy crust.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top keto pizza crust for the money

Scotty’s Everyday Store Keto Pizza Crust Zero Carb Mix

Scotty’s Everyday Store Keto Pizza Crust Zero Carb Mix

What you need to know: Just add olive oil and water to this grain-free mix and you’ll have pizza crust in fewer than five minutes.

What you’ll love: With zero net carbs per pizza and no nut flours or gluten, this is a keto pizza mix that’s also safe for those with nut and wheat allergies. The mix can be used for other things like pancakes and biscuits, too. It’s also kosher, vegan, sugar-free and made from non-GMO ingredients. 

What you should consider: Some people wanted more flavor in their pizza crust.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

BFree Foods Stone Baked Keto Pizza Crust

BFree Foods Stone Baked Keto Pizza Crust

What you need to know: This is a two-pack of ready-to-top pizza crusts that work with a variety of dietary restrictions.

What you’ll love: It’s a sourdough crust made with bamboo fiber and other plant-based rice flours and starches. It’s sugar-free and also free from dairy, wheat, eggs, nuts and soy. It freezes well. 

What you should consider: This is a higher carb option that some on the keto diet may want to limit, but if you’re looking for a crust that works for a variety of diets at once, this is a good choice.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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