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Which paleo protein powder is best?

If you’ve recently decided to transition to a paleo diet, you might be looking for ways to get in all of your daily nutrients and vitamins. While protein powders are a great way to do that, you’ll need something that’s paleo-friendly.

There are many excellent paleo protein powders out there, but it can be challenging to pick the right one. If you want to narrow down your options, PaleoPro Protein Powder is worth consideration. It’s easy on the stomach, provides plenty of protein and tastes great.

What to know before you buy a paleo protein powder

Size and packaging

Protein powder comes in a bag or a cylindrical container. Bags usually contain fewer servings but are more convenient for traveling. A container is best for those who have a shake at least once a day, as they usually offer more bang for your buck.

Also, if it’s your first time buying a specific brand or flavor, it’s best to buy the smallest size in case you don’t end up liking it. Luckily, you can find paleo-friendly protein powders in various quantities.

Do you need a protein powder?

Following a paleo diet can be challenging. There are several foods and ingredients you have to avoid. For many, getting enough protein every day can be difficult, making protein powders and shakes an excellent way to do so. However, if you eat enough high-protein foods, protein powder may be overkill.

Also, consider your lifestyle and health goals. If you’re an athlete or looking to gain weight, you need more protein on a daily basis.

Side effects

Paleo-friendly protein powder is usually easier on the digestive system than standard whey protein powders. However, any protein powder can cause unwanted side effects such as weight gain, bloating, constipation or diarrhea. Also, in excess, protein can cause a spike in blood sugar and affect skin health. 

What to look for in a quality paleo protein powder

Protein source

Most protein powders contain proteins derived from dairy, whey and casein. These powders are packed with protein, but they’re not paleo-friendly, and you should avoid them unless you can tolerate small amounts of lactose.

Paleo protein powders usually contain proteins sourced from collagen, egg whites or grass-fed, hormone-free beef.

You can go with a soy-free, plant-based powder if you want a cheaper alternative to paleo-focused protein powders.


The best paleo protein powders contain high-quality ingredients with little to no added sugars. Some powders use artificial sweeteners such as Stevia or monk fruit extract. In addition to finding a dairy-free protein powder, you should also avoid other inflammatory ingredients such as gluten and soy. Take a moment to check the label to ensure your paleo protein powder is free of fillers, chemicals and allergens.

Flavor and taste

Protein shakes have a distinct texture, but some powders mix better than others. While a few blend up fine in a shaker with some water, others are clumpy unless you mix them in a blender. Many brands offer several flavors, with some of the most popular being chocolate, vanilla and caramel. However, many paleo protein powders are unflavored and unsweetened, which are great if you want something neutral to incorporate into a smoothie.

How much you can expect to spend on a paleo protein powder

Paleo protein powders vary significantly in cost. You can find a good one for $20-$40, but if you’re looking for something made with premium or more exotic ingredients, it can cost up to $80.

Paleo protein powder FAQ

Are paleo protein powders a suitable meal replacement?

A. No, most paleo protein powders are meant to serve as dietary supplements, but they’re acceptable as a healthy snack between meals.

Can I use paleo protein powder as an ingredient for other foods?

A. Yes, you can use paleo protein powder in several foods such as pancakes, muffins, oatmeal, popsicles and ice cream.

What’s the best paleo protein powder to buy?

Top paleo protein powder

PaleoPro Protein Powder

PaleoPro Protein Powder 

What you need to know: This high-quality protein powder is derived from cage-free egg whites and grass-fed and pastured beef.

What you’ll love: It’s made with premium paleo ingredients and doesn’t contain any whey, soy, sugar, gluten or additional hormones. It offers 26 grams of protein and just 120 calories per serving and comes in five delicious flavors.

What you should consider: It doesn’t mix as well as other protein powders, and some users found the monk fruit made it too sweet with a slight aftertaste.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top paleo protein powder for the money

NaturesPlus Paleo Protein Powder

NaturesPlus Paleo Protein Powder

What you need to know: This protein powder is unflavored, so it mixes well with other beverages and is an excellent source of protein, fatty acids and fiber.

What you’ll love: It dissolves easily, has no soy or added sugar and contains high-quality ingredients, including coconut, flaxseed, pumpkin seed oil, almond and sunflower. It offers 20 grams of protein and 135 total calories per serving and provides all essential amino acids.

What you should consider: While it’s unflavored and unsweetened, it has a slightly earthy taste and texture that some might find unpleasant.

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb

Worth checking out

Reignite Wellness Paleo-Inspired All-in-One Shake

Reignite Wellness Paleo-Inspired All-in-One Shake

What you need to know: This dietary supplement is ideal for those who want to avoid dairy and gluten and is comparable to the more expensive paleo protein powders.

What you’ll love: This protein powder contains 21 grams of protein and one sugar per serving and provides bone broth health benefits without the unpleasant taste. It’s packed with plenty of BCAAs and has a milkshake-like taste and consistency. Also, you can choose from vanilla, chocolate and caramel flavors.

What you should consider: Some customers didn’t enjoy the taste. Also, it doesn’t dissolve well, so a blender is necessary for better results.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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