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Which roof snow rake is best?

If your climate is snowy in the wintertime (and sometimes in spring), you know how dangerous snow can be if it accumulates on your roof. All the extra weight can damage your roof, or it may suddenly slide off and hit you, your children or your pets. Roof snow rakes are an effective, simple tool for eliminating these dangers.

The best roof snow rake is the Garelick Aluminum Snow Roof Rake. It’s quite long and wide, plus the wheels protect your roof from scrapes and scratches.

What to know before you buy a roof snow rake

The pole

Roof snow rakes have long poles that extend above your roofline. There are three aspects to consider in a pole: material, length and extension type.

  • Material: Most poles are made of aluminum because its lightweight, affordable and resistant to corrosion. Some companies also use fiberglass for roof snow rake poles.
  • Length: Most poles can extend as far as 21 feet, while others only go up to 15 feet. Extra-long poles can extend to 24 feet or further.
  • Extension: Most poles have segmented or telescoping features. Segmented poles are easier to store since you can break them down completely. Telescoping poles typically have more length control.

The blade

Roof snow rakes also consist of a blade. There are two aspects to consider: the width and material.

  • Width: Most blades are roughly 24-inches wide. Some are shorter, around 16 inches. Smaller blades are slightly easier to use, but it takes longer to clear the snow since they cover less ground.
  • Material: Most manufacturers make blades out of plastic or aluminum. These are low impact on your roof, lightweight and easy to lift. Some blades use steel, but these are heavy, and there’s a higher risk of harming your roof.


All roof snow rakes require some assembly, which is usually limited to securing the blade to the pole and connecting the pole segments. Everything you need for assembly will be in the box, so you shouldn’t need any tools to put it together.

What to look for in a quality roof snow rake


Some of the best roof snow rakes have wheels on either edge of the blade. These wheels provide several benefits, the largest being they prevent the blade from coming in direct contact with your roof. The wheels protect your roof from scratches and unintentional damage. It also makes it easier to move the rake up and down the roofline.


While slides are less common than wheels, some roof snow rakes have slides that wrap around the blade. These slides provide a slick surface for the snow to slide down. They also prevent snow from accumulating in your eaves and gutters.

How much you can expect to spend on a roof snow rake

Roof snow rakes typically cost $40-$100. Budget choices are rarely more than $50, and most midrange rakes cost $50-$80. The best rakes usually cost $100 or more.

Roof snow rake FAQ

Can roof snow rakes damage my roof?

A. Yes. If you don’t use your snow rake properly, you can scratch and damage your roof. Be gentle with the rake and try not to slam it down onto the rooftop. If you’re concerned about this, opt for a roof snow rake with wheels and plastic blades.

Are heated cables a good alternative to roof snow rakes?

A. Unfortunately, heated cables don’t offer the same results as roof snow rakes. Snow rakes scrape and shake off accumulated snow from the entire roof, while heated cables only wrap around your roof’s gutters or eaves. They are also quite expensive. Snow rakes may require more physical effort, but they are more effective in every way.

What is an ice dam?

A. An ice dam forms when the snow melts and drips onto the edge of your roof. It refreezes and continues to accumulate as the snow melts and then freezes again, forming a dam. Eventually, this can start to leak through your roof and into your home. They are a hassle to get rid of once they form, so make sure to scrape off your roof after each snowfall.

What’s the best roof snow rake to buy?

Top roof snow rake 

Garelick Aluminum Snow Roof Rake

Garelick Aluminum Snow Roof Rake

What you need to know: Perfect for any roof, this snow rake only weighs 6 pounds. The metal is both rust- and corrosion-proof.

What you’ll love: The three-piece segmented pole is 21 inches long. It has a 24-inch-wide blade that never touches your roof, thanks to the set of small plastic wheels.

What you should consider: A few consumers had issues with the wheels rolling incorrectly or breaking. It can also be a struggle to use in heavy snow.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top roof snow rake for the money

Booway Roof Snow Rake

Booway Roof Snow Rake

What you need to know: The lightweight aluminum telescoping pole on this quality snow rake can extend up to 21 feet.

What you’ll love:  The blade head is 16 inches wide and uses a 15-foot-long oxford cloth tarp to guide snow off the roof, so it won’t gather in your eaves.

What you should consider: The tarp makes the rake a bit top-heavy and more difficult to handle.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Garant Snow Roof Rake

Garant Snow Roof Rake

What you need to know: This snow roof rake reaches a few inches longer than other rakes. The 24-inch blade can sweep out large swaths of snow, too.

What you’ll love: It’s made of polyethylene to prevent any damage to your roof. The aluminum poles segments are each 5 feet long, and when put together, it only weighs 4.2 pounds.

What you should consider: It isn’t as effective against thick and heavy snowfall. And when you extend to its longest length, it can be a little wobbly and hard to control.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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