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Which wicker cat beds are best?

If you share your home with a cat, you likely know that a cat will sleep nearly anywhere. It’s crucial to select the right cat bed for them, so they don’t sleep on the mantel, your laptop or the space between the wall and the couch. You need to know your cat’s preferences and the kinds of cat beds on offer before purchasing a cat bed. 

The PawHut Hooded Rattan Wicker Elevated Cat Bed provides your cat with a place to retreat while feeling protected and snug.

What to know before you buy a wicker cat bed

Type of cat bed

There are several types of cat beds, including enclosed, bolster, mat, radiator and heated cat beds.

  • Enclosed cat beds include cubes, caves, tents, pods or any cat bed with a roof and sides. They offer a secret hideout and make a cozy space for sleeping.
  • Bolster cat beds are soft beds that come with raised edges. The edges make the bed warmer and offer support while they’re sleeping.
  • Mat cat beds are simple, flat, padded circles or rectangles.
  • Radiator cat beds hook over the radiator to offer a warm space for your cat to sleep and lounge.
  • Heated cat beds include heating mats or other elements to warm up the bed.


Most cat beds only come in one size, which works well for the average cat, but if your cat is bigger than most, check the dimensions of the bed carefully. You might be able to find a bigger cat bed if you shop around for it. Consider where you’re going to put the cat bed to make sure the model you choose will fit.

Don’t force it

Cats are naturally curious, so they’ll typically check out the cat bed before too long. Allow your cat to discover the new bed on their own time rather than forcing them to use it. That being said, it can help to gently encourage them by putting treats or toys on the new bed.

What to look for in a quality wicker cat bed


Your cat’s bed should be as comfortable as possible. Choose a cat bed with lots of padding. There are some cat beds with memory foam that offer just the right amount of support while they sleep.


A cat bed can keep your pet warm while they sleep, which is important if you live in a big space with not enough insulation or if you don’t heat your home during the day in the winter. Enclosed cat beds or beds with high sides are usually warmer than open cat beds or mats. 

Color and style

Your cat probably won’t think much about the color of their bed, but you’ll look at it every single day, so choose a color and style that you appreciate. Some people prefer more muted and neutral tones, such as cream, brown, black or grey, while others like loud colors and patterns, such as leopard print or hot pink.

How much you can expect to spend on a wicker cat bed

Wicker cat beds range in price from about $10-$100. Inexpensive beds go for about $10-$15, while midrange options cost about $15-$50 and high-end cat beds vary in price from $50-$100.

Wicker cat bed FAQ

Can you purchase a machine-washable cat bed?

A. Not all cat beds are machine-washable, but some cat beds can be put in the washer completely. There are also some cat beds with removable, machine-washable covers. You can make some exceptions for the right cat bed, but avoid selecting a cat bed that isn’t machine-washable.

Should you purchase a full-size wicker cat bed for a kitten?

A. Your kitten might be tiny, but they’re going to grow quickly. Most cats are close to fully grown within the first year, so purchasing a kitten-sized bed is pointless. Purchase a full-size cat bed for your kitten to grow into.

Where should you put your cat’s new wicker bed?

A. Cats don’t usually like busy or noisy areas, but they enjoy being social with humans while they’re lounging around. Place the cat bed in whichever room you spend most of your free time, including the den, family room or living room. You might already know your cat’s preferred sleeping spot, so place their cat bed in the place where they typically like to hang out or sleep.

What’s the best wicker cat bed to buy?

Top wicker cat bed

PawHut Hooded Rattan Wicker Elevated Cat Bed

PawHut Hooded Rattan Wicker Elevated Cat Bed

What you need to know: This rattan wicker elevated cat bed features a cushion and an elegant design.

What you’ll love: This detachable wicker cat bed and stand come with a contemporary design and a secure enclosed space to provide your cat with a place to retreat while feeling protected and snug. The bed is composed of handwoven, durable rattan, which endures sharp claws.

What you should consider: The product doesn’t come with a tool to help secure the base and the ball together.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top wicker cat bed for the money

PetPals Paper Rope Cat Bed

PetPals Paper Rope Cat Bed

What you need to know: This cat bed comes with a pillow, is handmade from paper rope and can be used for dogs as well.

What you’ll love: This bed is composed of paper rope and felt, which is stable material with a long life that keeps an excellent shape and offers your pet a cool place to sleep and rest. There’s no assembly required for this pet bed.

What you should consider: This pet bed might be too small for some cats or dogs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Wicker Cat Bed with Cushion

Jolie Market Wicker Cat Bed with Cushion

What you need to know: This wicker cat cave and bed is eco-friendly and handmade and comes with a cushion.

What you’ll love: This handmade cat basket is the perfect spot for your cats to rest, with a washable and removable cushion so you can always keep their space clean. It’s beautiful and comfortable for your furry friend.

What you should consider: The cat basket comes assembled, but you might need to dust or vacuum it before use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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