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Which sauna suits are best?

If you want an effective weight loss method to supplement your exercise regimen, look no further than a sauna suit. Just like an actual sauna, these suits are specially designed to make you sweat, thereby reducing body fat and increasing your metabolism.

Despite the simplicity of these products, not all sauna suits are equal. For a short-sleeved suit that’s comfortable and effective, the Kutting Weight Neoprene Version 2.0 is the top pick. 

What to know before you buy a sauna suit

How a sauna suit works 

Sauna suits work by locking in body heat and causing the user to sweat profusely. The suits are typically closed at the collar, ankles and sleeves to prevent any heat from escaping, resulting in an environment that is akin to 90-degree weather with about 50-percent humidity. The excessive sweating caused by the sauna suit’s internal temperature is said to boost your metabolism, burn calories and help you shed pounds. 

Safety tips

The excessive body heat generated by a sauna suit can be unsafe or even fatal if misused. Talk with your doctor when introducing any new exercise regimens, and read the following tips before wearing your suit to the gym. 

  1. When you first receive your sauna suit, only wear it for 5 or 10 minutes at a time until your body grows accustomed to the increased temperature. 
  2. Always drink plenty of water during and after any exercise while wearing a sauna suit. 
  3. Once you’re accustomed to the sauna suit, never wear it for longer than 60 minutes at a time. 
  4. Don’t wear your sauna suit during high-intensity workouts.
  5. Stop exercising immediately if you feel nauseous or lightheaded while wearing a sauna suit. 


In their early days, sauna suits were constructed from rubber. Today, most suits are made out of high-quality and lightweight materials like nylon and neoprene. You can also find suits that are made out of PVC, but these aren’t particularly durable or ventilated. 

Neoprene is perhaps the best material for a sauna suit because it’s flexible, durable and great at preventing odor buildup. On the other hand, neoprene can be relatively expensive and some users may have a skin sensitivity to the material. 

What to look for in a quality sauna suit


Most sauna suits are designed to cover a large portion of your body for maximum heat retention, with long pants and long sleeves being the most common style. Other suits may be short sleeved. The key is finding a suit that will generate the most sweat without restricting movement.


A suit with proper ventilation is ideal because it allows you to sweat profusely while reducing your risk of overheating. Many suits will have patches of ventilation integrated into areas like your underarms.


Excessive sweat naturally produces body odor, so many sauna suits will incorporate odor blocking technology into their suits. Neoprene is a particularly effective material for blocking odor.


Look for a sauna suit with elastic cuffs and pant legs to lock in maximum body heat, particularly if your suit is extra baggy.

Zippers and closures

When you’re drenched in sweat, conventional metal zippers can be difficult to operate. Look for a suit that incorporates rubber, easy-to-grip zippers or hook-and-loop fasteners for a garment that’s easy to put on and take off. 

How much you can expect to spend on a sauna suit

The cost of a sauna suit typically varies depending on the size and the quality of the materials used. Most users can expect to spend around $30-$120 for a lightweight suit that’s constructed from nylon or neoprene.

Sauna suit FAQ

Can anyone use a sauna suit? 

A. These suits shouldn’t be worn by people with heart issues or diabetes. Always talk with your doctor before exercising in a sauna suit. 

How should I wash my sauna suit?

A. To ensure the longest life possible for your sauna suit, wash it by hand and hang to dry. If your sauna suit is advertised as machine-washable, only run it on the delicate setting and hang it up to air dry. 

What’s the best sauna suit to buy?

Top sauna suit

Kutting Weight Neoprene Version 2.0

Kutting Weight Neoprene Version 2.0

What you need to know: This versatile sauna suit has short sleeves and a flexible neoprene construction. 

What you’ll love: The elastic neoprene material is extremely lightweight and breathable, greatly reducing the risk of overheating. The patented SweatTech fabric has also been scientifically proven to increase metabolism by 20.8%

What you should consider: Some users may find the design to be restrictive during workouts. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top sauna suit for the money

ARD-Champs Heavy-Duty, Anti-Rip

ARD-Champs Heavy-Duty, Anti-Rip

What you need to know: This affordable sauna suit is constructed from a blend of lightweight PVC and nylon. 

What you’ll love: Perfect if you need a product that’s particularly durable, this sauna suit has a rubberized inner lining and elasticized cuffs to lock in heat. It’s also available in a wide range of different sizes. 

What you should consider: A few users reported that the sizes of this sauna suit run small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Sauna suit worth checking out

Title Boxing Pro Hooded

Title Boxing Pro Hooded

What you need to know: Designed specifically for boxers, this hooded sauna suit gets the job done and features a classic look.

What you’ll love: This stylish sauna suit is constructed from nylon with a PVC and rubber layer that’s designed to repel water. The hood features a drawstring and the pants have two side pockets with hook-and-loop closures. 

What you should consider: While generally well-received, there were several reports of the suit breaking after only a handful of uses.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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