Aquin creates COVID games in replacement of Friday night Football


FREEORT, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — It’s those brisk fall Friday Night’s over at Conley field that are usually filled with Bulldog fans cheering on their high school football team.

“When they said this week they were playing football I was a little nervous, but now that I see how they’re playing, I’m good,” Elizabeth Heitkamp, Aquin School District Superintendent said with a smile.

Heitkamp said she’s really proud of her student’s response when she challenged them to be creative.

“We asked them to come up with things they could do on Friday night’s that would be safe and fun, and as much outside as possible,” Heiktamp.

This isn’t your stereotypical football. It was created combining the rules of ultimate frisbee, and of course, football.

Here are some of the rules: If a player catches the ball, they are only allowed to take 2 steps with it before they must pass it to the next person. If a player drops the ball or it touches the ground, possession switches to the other team. And lastly, in order to maintain social distancing guidelines, players must remain two big steps away when guarding a player. If contact is made, there will be a penalty.

“I think in place of the football games it was really nice to get everyone together,” said senior Addie Demichele. “Especially because we’re senior we really wanted to get everyone together and just have a good time.”

One senior, Heyden Neundorf, spent his 18th birthday at the field. He was sporting an, “eighteen in quarantine” shirt and mask.

“My mom woke me up this morning and said you just have to wear this to school and I said ‘you know what, Mom? I don’t know if I’m going to wear it to school, but I will wear it to the games.”

The COVID games began Aug. 28 and run through Oct. 2.

Good times, community, and football. Ultimate football. That’s what the COVID games are all about.

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