Auburn-Reavis Preview


The Knights travel to the south Chicago suburb of Burbank to face Burbank Reavis. The Knights were the most athletic team in the NIC-10 this season. They’ll need every bit of their athleticism against this Reavis team that averaged 45 points per game.

“They have just scary skilled kids,” says Auburn Head Coach Dan Appino. “Every one of them who touches the ball can go the distance in a heartbeat. They might be faster than us collectively. So yeah they’re really scary on the offensive side of the ball. They’ve got a huge back. They do everything. They direct snap. They shotgun. They run unbalanced, so it’s going to be one of those games where we’re just going to have to be really sound.”

“They have great speed,” says Auburn Linebacker Alfonzo Lambert. “They’ve pretty much, their strength is our strength.”

“Very talented on the offensive end and running game,” says Auburn Linebacker Davontay Ashford. “The running back is too, but I think we’re a good enough defense to stop them.”

Some football players start turning their thoughts to basketball and wrestling and other winter sports about this time, and they are quick to bow out of the playoffs.  The Knights say they’re hungry to keep their season going.

“I don’t think anybody on the team is ready to put their cleats up yet,” says Ashford. “That’s how our mindset is right now.  Nobody is ready to put their cleats up. We’re all locked in.”

“We’re too hungry,” says Lambert. “We’ve been locked in all year and we’re just at our greatest point right now. We feel like we’re unstoppable.”

“For the guys we’ve got here we’re starting to see with the excitement is like when you get to keep playing and now you’re one of 16 teams.” says Appino. “We’re hoping that’s rubbing off and our kid are really buying into the idea let’s play as long as we can.”

The game will take place on Saturday in Burbank at 1 pm.


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