Barbs Primed For Big Season


Coming off a great year on the gridiron in 2015 the two-time Northern Illinois Big 12 champs have even higher expectations this season. But it doesn’t bother DeKalb. They are embracing it.

“Our goal is to have higher expectations, and this year coming in with the returners that we have, the numbers that we have, I think we like that,” says DeKalb head coach Matt Weckler. “We like where we’re at, and we want to continue to build off last year’s season.”

A big part of the Barbs high expectations comes from one of the best quarterbacks in the area senior Derek Kyler. Kyler has a number of high profile division one schools showing interest, but he’s not feeling any pressure to succeed.

“Not really,” says Kyler. “I’m just going to play my game, and have my teammates help me out. They’re the reason I succeed.”

“Derek’s our coach on the field,” says Weckler. “He’s one of those guys that make coaches look good. We can call plays on offense, and he’s smart enough to pre-read some defenses, and check out of those plays.”

But this team can play on both sides of the football. The Barbs are just as sharp on defense, with players like Dwyan Lacey, Eric Letterer, Brian Ross, and Matt Searls.

“They’re aggressive, they fly around, they do a lot of different things in the front seven,” says Weckler. “What I like the most is they swarm to the football, and they play until the end of the whistle, and they try to get turnovers as much as they possibly can.”

The Barbs are looking to take things even further in 2016

“There are very high expectations,” says Kyler. “Our goal is 9-0.”

“Last year being such a great year we want to build off the success we had, and make it farther than we did,” says senior wide receiver Cole Tucker.

DeKalb opens up their season against Moline on Friday, August 27th.

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