Brunner Looks Ahead To WNBA Draft


The WNBA Draft will be held next Thursday night and there’s a chance Freeport native Sophie Brunner will hear her name called in one of the three rounds.

Brunner just finished up a brilliant college career at Arizona State. She’s still on campus, so we conducted a phone interview to gauge her interest in a career in professional basketball. Here’s part of that interview.

(Scott question) “Is your heart set on playing in the WNBA?

(Sophie Brunner, Freeport native) “Obviously if I have the opportunity I would love to play in the WNBA. If I get drafted that would be a dream come true, but if not if I could get invited to a training camp. That would be great too, but if neither one of those work out then that’s just not God’s plan for me and I’ll start looking where I want to play overseas. Either way I’m good with whatever and I’m just going to take advantage of any opportunities that come my way.”

(Scott question) Have you had any feedback in whether or not teams are interested in you and whether or not you might be drafted?

(Brunner) “You know there’s a little talk around that there’s the possibility that I’m in a large pool of a lot of other great players as well, so it’s kind of hard to see where you’re going to be. It’s really hard to gauge, but the biggest thing that I’m going to have to overcome is my height and how I’m going to be at a disadvantage with that. We’ll just see what happens. You never know. I’m just going to keep my options open and see what comes my way.”

(Scott question) Are you a big fan of the WNBA? Have you had time to watch it over the summers?

(Brunner) “Yea we actually go to a lot of Phoenix Mercury games here. We do a lot of promotions here at their games for our team for the past four years so we’ve been to a lot of their games. I’ve been to a couple Chicago Sky games over my years of being at home with some AAU teammates, so I’m definitely very familiar with it. I know some people who are in it and I’ve played with some of them, so I’m familiar with that too. I’m just excited to see what’s happening for a lot of my friends who are probably going to get drafted too.”

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