Byron Salutes Its State Champions


Tiger fever was strong in Byron Tuesday as students throughout the school district gathered to celebrate the Lady Tigers’ state basketball championship.

The gymnasium was bursting with Tiger pride. Little Tigers, big tigers and mature tigers all turned out to salute the girls.

The ladies paraded in with their championship trophy and their medals while the crowd roared. They deserved the attention after winning 33 games this season including the two big ones in Normal.

“It’s so awesome everyone came to this assembly to support us and celebrate this win for us.  I’m so glad to see all the little kids,” said basketball player Sarah Hopkins.

“I know that my accomplishments with my team can, the kids will look up to it. It’s a great example to set for them,” says basketball player Bailey Burrows.

The elementary school kids who sat on the floor were glued to the champions.  Especially when one of the Tigers Paige Holloway put a pie in the face of head coach Eric Yerly. Yerly had told Holloway she could do that if they won state.

“It’s about the community. It’s about the coaches going through this experience,” says Yerly. “We were glad we were just able to be a part of it as coaches.”

But this assembly wasn’t simply for the basketball team.  The boys four state wrestlers were honored.  So were members of the school’s state swim team, choir, cheerleaders, speech team and FFA.   Byron now has eight team state champions and 27 individual state champions in the last 20 years.

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