The NIU Huskies hit the road Saturday for their most challenging game of the year. They’ll play at Nebraska.

It will be the third meeting ever between these schools. Nebraska won the first two games big in 1989 and 1990. NIU head coach Rod Carey is glad his players will get the chance to experience the environment in Lincoln. The Huskies will be going for the upset win, but the main reason they’re making this trip is to rake in a nice payday from Nebraska. The Huskies could receive as much as one million dollars or more. That’s easily double what they’d make for a typical home game in DeKalb. That money helps at a time when NIU’s finances are tight.

Carey understands the situation.

“That’s (the money) a vital part to our institution, our athletic department and our football program. Really we’re …we’re one of the ones that can bring in a paycheck like that and so you do those things,” says Carey. “That’s the money-side of it and that’s no doubt the driving force behind it.”

NIU will make a similar road trip to Florida State in 2018. It’ll make $1.6 million for that trip.