Cohen brings back the fun for year three with the Bears


The sound of Tarik Cohen revving his engine as he makes his bold entrance into training camp leaves nobody surprised. It’s typical Cohen behavior. He describes his driving as “agile.”

The running back’s fun and bold personality is just one of many returning for the Bears this season. With only a few days of training camp under their belts, it’s safe to say the guys are hungrier than ever. Winning an NFC North championship last season wasn’t nearly enough.

“We hold ourselves to a higher standard now,” Cohen said. “The older guys that have been here and who watched us go from last place to win the division, we know what it takes to have that success.”

The memory of how last season ended serves purely as motivation now. The Bears are anything but sad coming into training camp.

“I’m doing what I love playing football,” Cohen said. “I get the opportunity to come out here with my guys and just make a dynasty.”

Even with a rough ending, Cohen went off last season. He rushed for 444 yards. Like everyone else, the human joystick was just focused on having fun. This year though, the teams says they want to work on living more in the moment.

“Enjoy the work,” Cohen said. “That’s what you really have to do. You have to enjoy every day; putting that work in, putting that grind in and just knowing that it’s going to pay off.”

Heading into his third season with the Bears, Cohen says he wants to be more vocal with the team. Especially with a tighter competition for the receiving corps, he says he has one message.

“Make your impact when you’re on your field,” Cohen said. “You might not be on the field to start the game. I might not be on the field to start the game. I might not be on the field for a critical third down, but when I’m in the game I’m going to make my presence felt. I feel like if all of the guys feel that same way, then we’ll have a wonderful room.”

The Bears are holding their next public training camp practice bright and early on Monday at 8:15 a.m.

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