Cox Ready For Big Ten Title Tilt


Adam Cox played in his share of big games at Stillman Valley High School. He’ll play in another big one Saturday when his Iowa Hawkeyes face Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship game.

Cox is a senior who splits time at fullback and he plays on special teams. He discussed the upcoming game and Iowa’s remarkable 12-0 season with Eyewitness News in the following phone interview:

(Scott question) So what’s the atmosphere been like in the locker room and on campus this week?

(Adam Cox, Iowa fullback) In the locker room every body is just happy with each other and how we’ve played this far. You blink a couple times and we’ve played 12 games, and you’re just really trying to soak it all in. Campus it’s been really upbeat and everybody is just looking forward to it I think.

(Scott question) In the preseason a lot of people around the Big Ten weren’t expecting a whole lot from the Hawkeyes this season. How do you explain the success that you guys have had?

(Cox)  It started back in January really this senior class and even the underclassmen decided we weren’t going to listen to the noise from the outside, and we were going to put our foot down and really get to work, and then once the games started to come around it was just one at a time. Focus on the next game, and so far that’s worked, and that’s what we’re going to do this week.

(Scott question) There are still some skeptics who aren’t convinced that you guys are as good as your record says you are. How irritating is that and does that give you guys added motivation?

(Cox) Yea there are a lot of doubters especially in the national media you hear them a lot, but no one really pays too much attention, but it’s a little added extra motivation to prove people wrong, but at the same time we’re just worried about taking care of each other and we’re not really too worried about what people outside the program think.

(Scott question) When you watch game film of Michigan State what do you see?

(Cox) They’re physical especially on defense, and really physical, tough, and athletic, and really good against the run and they have some good athletes on the back end too defend the pass. Everybody talks about their physicality and how good their front seven is on defense, but at the same time we’ve had a pretty effective run game all year. I think it’s going to be a really tough game and we’ll see what happens.

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