Creative Writing class presents work at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


On November 16, the Durand High School Creative Writing class and one English 9 student went on an educational field trip to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The purpose of this field trip was to have the students present something that they had written.

  “The students had submitted work and so the judges had evaluated their work and they went and learned from the judges,” Creative Writing teacher Krista Searls said.

  Senior Isaiah Burdick presented Children’s Literature, senior Martin Magana presented Song Lyrics, senior Morgan Dutkiewicz, junior Mikaela Thompson, freshman Grace Robins, and senior Bailey Puckett presented Poetry, senior Jacob Neblock presented Prose Poem/Flash Fiction, junior Destiny Bull presented Multi-Media, and junior Waller presented Short Fiction.

  This was not the first year that Searls has taken a class to this event, nor will it be her last. She said that her students enjoyed the field trip because they were in a college setting, and they were excited to present their work.

  Robins, who was the student in the English 9 class, presented two poems in front of about 20 people. She said that they were both about nature, but one reflected themes of life, and the other one reflected themes of people.

  “ [I was] nervous, for one thing, I really can’t get in front of people, it’s not one of my skills. But they seemed to get it, they seemed to get the points I was trying to get across, so that gave me confidence,” Robins said.

  This field trip was beneficial because it was educational and the students learned new things.

  “I did learn that a lot of the poets nowadays, a lot of people who plan to be poets, they use the same themes over and over, and I don’t think a lot of stuff gets explored that should be explored, and so I think I should do that,” Robins said.


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