Delia stops pucks while keeping things ‘light’ for the IceHogs


During the pressure of a playoff race it helps a team to have someone who provides some levity to help break the tension. For the IceHogs that guy is goaltender Collin Delia.

When he’s in goal Delia is all business. When he’s off the ice he turns into Collin the prankster.

Oh yea I’m a big jokester, says Delia. Maybe not even practical jokes just yelling in the locker room trying to put a smile on everybody’s face. Bringing some enthusiasm because right now maybe when the body is hurting and things are starting to get heavy you have to keep it light and fun.

Everyone on the team is fair game to be a target of Delia’s jokes, but new guys who are just arriving from colleges are easy targets.

It’s fun to have some new blood in the locker room, says Delia. Mess around with them a little bit. Get them out of their comfort zone.

When he was a kid in school Delia was part class clown and part class dork.

Yea I was always kind of like the goofball, always dorky, always pretty oaffy, like tripping over myself you know.

So when he was up with the Blackhawks in Chicago did he try to add some levity there too, or being a young guy did he pass on that part?

I think I did (joke around) after a while. Guys kind of new me like I was kind of the goofball dork, just not afraid to make a fool of himself, make fun of himself. I think that’s kind of just what I bring.

The IceHogs will need Delia to keep up that levity to break up the tension of an intense playoff race. They are one of teams in the Central Division are within one point of each other for the final playoff spot.

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