A pair of former Boylan Titans are forming quite the one-two punch for the Rockford University basketball team. They’re brothers Tony and Kevin Diemer.

They’re two years apart in age. Tony is a junior. Kevin is a freshman. But they’re both about 6-3 inches tall and they have almost identical games.

“Yea we’re pretty similar,” says Tony. “We like the spin move. We like the glass and we can hit the jumper.”

Versatile might be the best way to describe these two players. They do a little bit of everything on the court.

“They can do a variety of things,” says head coach Andrew Weber. “I think it goes back to the fact that they played a lot of driveway basketball with each other against their dad who was a good athlete himself.”

At the moment Kevin is averaging 10 points and seven rebounds per game. Tony is averaging 17 points and six rebounds per game. This past Saturday they were both clicking. They combined for 49 points in a win over Milwaukee School of Engineering. Kevin scored 25 points and Tony scored 24.

The Diemers never had the chance to play together at Boylan because of their age difference. Kevin was determined to change that in college.

“I’ve wanted to play with my brother my entire life. I’ve watched that guy. I’ve learned every single one of his moves. We’ve competed against each other and now we finally get to play.”

While their basketball skills are similar not everything is identical about these two brothers.

“We’re just complete polar opposites when it comes to personalities,” says Kevin. “I’m a little obnoxious and he’s humble. He’s modest, but on the floor it’s like we have an unspoken connection.”

“It’s easy to coach these guys,” says Weber. “They show up every day. Kev brings energy. Tony brings the competitiveness. Kev feeds off that. Tony feeds off Kevin and everybody feeds off of it.”