E-Rabs Add Flash To Their Power


It’s been a very busy off season for the E-Rabs football team. After finishing 2015 with one of the conference’s worst records the team has worked tirelessly to turn 2016 into a much more successful season.

“It started in January,” says East coach Gary Griffin. “We don’t have the luxury of taking any time off. We have to get after it immediately, and we want to be better than we were last year. Our plan is going in pretty good succession right now and we’re excited!”

East takes pride in playing power football, and the E-Rabs spent a lot of time making sure they are ready to play hard-nose football.

“All of our max lifts all are up from our kids. We have strength and conditioning. A lot of our kids are in that class, and we lifted after school as well,” says Griffin. “Three days a week during second semester, and we had a great summer. Kids are just bigger, faster, stronger, and that’s going to make a big difference for us I think.”

“I mean it’s just a lot of hard work and a lot of putting in time after practice, and before practice, and when we don’t have practice, just a lot of hard work here,” says offensive lineman Addontis Mitchell.

Another way the E-Rabs got some help was with the addition of Marcus Hayes who’s coming off a successful junior season at Lutheran.

He’s just a competitor. He’s going to play hard. He’s going to do what he’s suppose to,” syas Griffin. “He’s a leader on the field, and it’s simple. He makes it easier for everybody else to work hard too, because he leads by example.”

“I’ve got to be a leader to everybody,” says Hayes. “It doesn’t matter the age, it could be a freshman to a senior. I’ve just got to lead. Lead by example, and just do my job, and make everybody else better.

The E-Rabs are doing everything they can off the field, but they still have to take care of business on the field after winning just one game last year. That’s exactly they’re goal.

“Obviously we want to win more games then just one, obviously we want to prove every body wrong,” says Hayes. “That we have people on this team, and we’re ready to compete.”

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