Every day a challenge for the Bears offense at Bourbonnais against this Bears defense


BOURBONNAIS, IL — The Bears offense continues to have it’s work cut out for it at training camp. Each day it’s going up against one of the NFL’s best defenses and Monday the offense also had to deal with slick conditions.

15 minutes before the start of practice, it was pouring so hard, you would’ve thought the Bears were going to cancel it altogether or at least delay the start. Instead, they went all-in as scheduled at 8:15.

“The rain, that’s part of the elements. We’re going to see that. We all know that,” said Matt Nagy after the practice ended. “We’re going to have that in a lot of different games.”

Plus, there was no way the Bears were going to disappoint fans who turned out in the pouring rain.

“The support and the backing that we have is just so powerful,” said Nagy. “It juices you up a little bit, and it makes you just want to do so well, play so well for these fans. It’s what they deserve.”

Nagy also wants fans to “trust the process”. The offense is still trying to improve from last year. It’s clear that unit still needs some work. Trubisky struggled a bit Monday with some deep passes.

“There’s just a certain expectation,” said Trubisky. “It’s not that I’m easy on myself or harder on myself. There’s an expectation that I’ve got to do my job, and either I did my job or I didn’t on every single play. That’s all I can control, really. Am I doing my job? Am I putting the ball where it needs to be? Am I getting everybody on the same page so we can be successful on the offense?”

Give credit to the defense which make some big plays. Trubisky says the offense welcome the challenge of going up against the Bears talented defense.

“We got a lot of great players on that side of the ball so they’re going to challenge us on every single drill, which is great whether we’re doing redzone, two-minute. Every situation they’re going to present a different challenge, and they’ve thrown a bunch of good looks at us and it’s great for us as an offense to see those looks.”

What really hyped up the crowd Monday was the designated kicker Elliott Fry. He made 8 of his 10 field goal attempts. He missed one from about 38 yards and the other when he slipped near the 50.

“We don’t care about wind. We don’t care about rain. We don’t care about whatever,” said Nagy. Elliott slipped today on that one. That could happen. They just have to rebound and have a ‘next play’ mentality and make the next one. I thought he did a good job today.”

“They (the kickers) know that everybody’s watching them,” said Trubisky, “But they’ve done a great job just delivering, making a bunch of kicks. The competition is going to keep going. As teammates, we’re just supporting them.”

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