Fall Sports Mean Fall Injuries


2.6 billion children seek medical treatment for sports injuries every year according to the Center For Disease Control.

Dr Fadi Aljabi a pediatrician at OSF St Anthony Medical Center has dealt with sports related injuries first hand in people ages 19 and younger

“It’s very common and it can range, the injury, from mild stuff like cuts and scraps to severe injury to the brain or to the spinal cord. But the most type of injury that we see is usually sprains and strains,” says Aljabi.

He also says all the sprains and strains come from continued or improper use of muscles and ligaments. But there are ways to avoid these injuries.

“We recommend they wear the appropriate gear for whatever sport they are doing. That’s very important, and to know how to use the equipment of that sport. They need also to make sure they are drinking a lot of fluids because heat injuries also are very common – one of the most common injuries that we see.”

Dr Aljabi says atheletes who feel some sort of physical ailment shouldn’t hesitate to visit a physician right away. If it’s something minor follow the RICE method. Rest is crucial . Any type of injury requires at least 48 hours. Ice your injury. Putting ice on the injury helps with the healing process. Compression. Wrap the injury up in bandage or with a brace, and elevating the injury above the heart can help reduce the swelling.

“We recommend if they’re injured or if they have pain not to continue with the sport. They have to stop until the pain goes away,” says Aljabi.

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