My Take: Leveling the playoff field in college football and Mac Jones a fit for the Bears


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — Are you tired of the same college football programs winning the National Championship? Are you tired of the same college football programs getting into the four-team playoff field every year? I say the best way to level the playing field is to expand the playoffs.

I’m generally not in favor of expanding the playoffs in any sport. It waters the field down and it diminishes the achievement of a team making the playoffs, but in this case something needs to be done to protect the future of college football. There needs to be more of a competitive balance.

Right now I put college football programs into three categories. There’s the “Big Three”: Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State…schools that wind up in the playoffs almost every year. There’s the “Next Four”: Oklahoma, Georgia, Notre Dame and LSU….programs that are in the playoff mix every other year or so. And then there’s “Everyone Else.”

If you’re a five-star, blue-chip, top 50 high school football player you want to be in the playoffs and you want to play for national championships, so where are you going to go? You’ll go to one of the “Big Three” or maybe one of the “Next Four.” So those same programs keep raking in all the top talent making it almost impossibile for other programs to break into the playoffs.

If the playoff field were expanded to eight teams or 16 teams then those talented high school recruits would start saying, ‘You know what, I don’t have go to one of those seven programs to have a shot at playoff football. Suddenly the “Big Three” and the “Next Four” aren’t getting quite as many of those five-star recruits although they’ll still get plenty of them. But at least the scales would begin to even-out a little bit allowing for more competitive football instead of what’s looking like a monopoly on the playoffs.

Plus, expanding the playoff field would allow a non-Power Five program like a Cincinnati or a Boise State get into the playoff party.

Expansion of the playoffs has to happen or eventually people will get tired of the “Big Three” constantly dominating.

NOTE: Now one quick thought on Alabama QB Mac Jones. The more I watch him play, the more I think he might be worth the Chicago Bears considering him with the 20th pick in the NFL Draft which is right around where Jones should go. He’s not flashy like Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields, but Jones is highly efficient. He is extremely smart, extremely accurate, throws great on the run, makes excellent decisions and is very good at reading defenses. Sure he was surrounded by unbelievable talent at Alabama, but Mac Jones has the skills and the head to give him a chance to be a very solid starting quarterback in the NFL. The Bears should give Mac Jones a good, hard look leading up to the draft.

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