Fred VanVleet’s third annual summer basketball camp comes to a close


Fred VanVleet’s annual basketball summer camp came to a close at the UW Health Sports Factory in downtown Rockford on Sunday. Let’s just say, it was an ending to remember.

A big crowd came out to watch VanVleet and his instructors take on the camp-goers in some games, but what really stole the show was the contest at the very end. VanVleet set out four spots for kids to shoot from with prizes at each; you had to make all of them in order to keep all the prizes. The half-court shot got you $100, but most kids kept it “smart” according to VanVleet and stopped after the first shot.

For 12-year-old Jaleese Williams though, she opted to go all the way – sort of. She made the first three shots with ease, but her hesitance at half-court prompted VanVleet to propose a deal – if she made another shot from the 3-point line again but took a step back, he’d still give Williams $100.

Agreeing to take the deal, Williams made the crowd go wild when she made the shot again.

“I was nervous,” Williams admitted. “I told him it was far and then he said he was going to make a deal with me and if I take one step back from the 3-point line, I could have the money.”

Williams says she hopes to make it to the WNBA some day.

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