Girls get a thrill out of playing baseball on the home field of the Rockford Peaches


ROCKFORD, IL — It was ‘Play Ball’ again Friday for the girls who are competing in the Baseball For All all-girls tournament in Rockford this week.

Games were played at Rivets Stadium, Sportscore Two and at Beyer Stadium the former home of the legendary Rockford Peaches. That’s where the New York Wonders played the Boston Slammers in a U18 game. The Slammers won 10-1.

These girls are well aware of the history of Beyer Stadium. They’ve all seen the movie A League Of Their Own. They say it’s an inspiration to be able to play on this field.

“I’m truly honored because these women fought so hard in their day to make it possible for me to play on this exact field and just any field,” said Julie Collins of the Slammers. “It’s truly a great experience and it’s a one-in-a-lifetime.”

“They’ve (the Peaches) been here. They’ve been on this field!,” said Katie Reynolds who also plays for the Slammers. “They sat in the dugout. They cheered for their teammates. Just being able to do that also it’s an honor. It’s awesome!”

The Baseball For All tournament runs through Sunday morning. There is another full slate of games scheduled for Saturday in Rockford.

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