ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF)–Normally in the month of June our Rockford High School football teams from District 205 are working out separately hoping to gain an edge on their rival schools for the upcoming season, but Wednesday they all came together.

Football players from Auburn, East, Guilford and Jefferson attended a camp at Clarence Hicks Memorial Sports Park on Rockford’s southwest side. The camp was put on by the Chicago Bears.

Three former Bears players Kaseem Sinceno, Brandon McGowan and Jason McKie provided some instruction during drills in the morning before the teams did some 7-on-7 scrimmaging in the afternoon. USA Football Master Trainers also pitched in with instruction.

The Bears have reached out to Rockford several times this year. Last month they held a youth clinic and a girls flag football clinic here at MercyHealth Sportscore Two.

“It’s just kind of part of the strategy to wrap around the whole Rockford community and really support at all levels,” said Bears Manager of Community Programs Gustavo Silva.

The head coaches of the four Rockford Public Schools gave the camp their approval. “I appreciate all of the things that these guys are doing out here. The coaching is great. I’m picking up things myself. It’s a great thing,” said Auburn head coach Willie Tolon.

Guilford football player Nasir Parte said he got a lot out of the camp. “I’m enjoying it a lot. Actually it’s a good experience to work with actually NFL players. It’s a good experience.”

Former Bears tight end Kaseem Sinceno was one of the instructors providing pointers and encouragement during the drills. “Obviously a lot of it’s physical today,” said Sinceno. “They’re running around in the heat having fun, but every now and then you grab a guy, you talk to him about how school’s going? How is living going at home? You try to reach them on that level.”

A representative from the NCAA was also at the camp to inform the players what they need to do to prepare for college.

The Bears organization also presented a $10,000 check to the Rockford Public Schools that will be split up between the four football programs at the four high schools to pay for any football needs they have.