Du-Pec’s Hunter Hoffman has more than proved his worth, leaving his own legacy

High School Football

When you think of the top quarterbacks in the Stateline, Du-Pec’s Hunter Hoffman has cemented himself at the top of that list.

“Quarterback was the main position,” said Hoffman. “When I first started watching my first game of football, they were the main guys out there and I just wanted to be like them. That’s kind of what drew me to that position.”

As a sophomore, Hunter stepped into the QB1 role. A decision made by Du-Pec’s head coach and Hoffman’s father, Tyler, that came with a certain set of elevated expectations.

“Sophomore year he was definitely always on me because it was a difficult decision for him to start me, over a senior quarterback and I needed to prove to everyone that I was willing to take that spot,” Hunter said.

“His sophomore year I was pretty rough on him,” said Tyler. “It was tough at home because I expect, and some ways maybe demand, the best out of, not only my son but all of our players.”

But that tough-love has paid off and Hunter now holds himself to those same standards.

“[My Dad] always used to ask me the question, ‘Do you want to be the best player in your town, the best in the state, the best in the nation?’,” said Hunter. “I’ve really taken that with me my whole entire life and try to be the best that I possible can because of that question he asked me.”

With that attitude, Hoffman’s improved tremendously year over year. He’s seen an increase in his completion percentage from season to season, and he’s been phenomenal at not turning the ball over. That’s all a direct result of the hard work he’s put in in the offseason.

“I always joke, everyone always thinks I’m the most competitive one in our household, but that’s not it. My wife is,” Tyler joked. “The thought process is when you set certain expectations and you achieve those expectations, that’s the way you should handle that situation.”

“I think my greatest accomplishment is getting All-State and MVP is a great accomplishment, but I think it’s really the team accomplishments that mean the most to me,” Hunter said.

The two have made many memories over the course of their time together as father and son, and also coach and quarterback.

“We always joke, I think there’s a meme out there that says one time I was late to practice and the coach made me run 15 sprints, and my dad was the coach and he drove me to practice-type thing,” Tyler said with a smile. “We have that joke all the time in our house.”

“Having those memories with my dad will be amazing, we’ll be able to talk about that for the rest of our lives,” Hunter said. “And then with our team, whenever we get together we’ll always be able to talk about those memories, coming back and seeing each other.”

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