FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF)–There’s another new head football coach in the Big Northern Conference. A couple weeks ago Rockford Lutheran hired Jeff Leudke. Now Oregon has hired Broc Kundert.

Kundert is no stranger to the local football scene. He’s spent the past four seasons as the head football coach of the Aquin Bulldogs. Before that he was an assistant coach at Freeport, the same school where he played linebacker and running back before graduating in 2007. Kundert was looking for a step up, and he likes what Oregon has to offer.

“I actually went to school with three guys that went to Oregon in college, and they all spoke very highly of it. I know it’s a community that backs sports.”

“Oregon is a place that’s had a lot of tradition in the past. They’ve got great facilities. The fieldhouse is beautiful, the weight room.”

Kundert’s Aquin teams had a lot of success. In Kundert’s four years there the Bulldogs had a record of 27-10. In the COVID-19 spring season in 2021 they went 6-0 and were ranked #1 in the state in class 1A. In the fall of 2019, the Bulldogs went 11-1. Their only loss was in the state quarterfinals to eventual state champion Lena-Winslow.

“It’s never easy leaving a place, especially a place like this. It’s great,” said Kundert. “The kids are great, the parents are great, the admins great. You know it’s a sports school.”

But there’s something intriguing about stepping up a couple classes, and the challenge of trying to bring back Oregon football again. The Hawks haven’t had a winning season since 2014. 

Oregon teams have always been ground-and-pound. Kundert’s Aquin teams loved to throw the ball out of the spread. So, should we assume that the days of grinding the ball on the ground at Oregon are over?

“I wouldn’t say that. A lot of what I believe as a coach is like, I’m not going to expect my personnel to do something that they can’t do. I don’t know that we’ll be double-tight, wing-T, but we’ll definitely be something that fits our kids.”

Kundert knows the NIC-10 and the NUIC very well, but how familiar is he with the Big Northern Conference?

“Obviously you hear about it a lot. Byron just winning the state championship, so it’s a, it’s a tough league. I would say the week-in, week-out grind of the NUIC will probably be very similar to the week-in, week-out grind of the Big Northern, so I’m excited for that.”

Kundert said Aquin switching to 8-man football last year had very little to do with his decision to leave the school.

Kundert also tells me he’ll also be teaching history at Oregon High School. He currently teaches history at Freeport High School.