WINNEBAGO, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF)– The best players in high school basketball aren’t always the most talented ones. They’re ones who are also selfless, coachable, and who buy into the team concept 100 percent. That describes Winnebago senior Campbell Schrank. “Winnebago holds a very special place in my heart,” says Campbell.

Winnebago has won a lot of basketball games over the past four seasons. Schrank has played a big part in them. At 5’10 she has good size, but she doesn’t really have a position. She’s one of those well-rounded players who can play anywhere and play any role.

“A lot of times you see athletes that just want to score all the time, but she wants to spread the ball around and make sure everybody is involved,” said Winnebago head coach T.J. Zambrovitz.

“She can play it down low. She can play it mid-range, she can play outside, and she can adjust that really well.”

That versatility makes Schrank special. It’s something she takes pride in.

“I think it’s just about maturity at this point. Making sure you’re unselfish, sharing the ball with your teammates. With this kind of year, I wouldn’t say I’m the most predominant scorer on our team, we have everyone that can score, and nights that people are going to get hot, so sharing the ball is definitely a key part of this team, and how we’re going to be successful.”

Opposing defenses try to key in on Schrank. They’ll do whatever they can to try to throw her off her game.

“Just a lot of in the face, not letting me catch the ball a lot, pressure. It’s definitely been a test, but it’s just helping me grow.”

Schrank comes from an athletic familty. Her brothers Cole and Reed are athletes. Her mother Rachel played basketball and her father Cory played football and baseball as a teenager at Guilford, and then he played baseball at Southern Illinois. Cory also went on to coach Guilford’s baseball team.

“I’m a daddy’s girl,” said Schrank. “He’s definitely my biggest cheerleader and supporter and everything. It’s a very special relationship with us.”

How did Schrank fall in love with the sport of basketball?

“It’s just something that, it was like a home to me. I could go on the court and be here for hours and just shoot and not get tired of it. It’s just something that I grew up with and something that grew on me, and I just kind of, I never stopped playing it. I never stopped loving it.”

Last season Schrank had the ultimate experience in high school basketball. She got to go to State. She helped Bago finish in second place in Class 2A.

“It’s an outstanding experience just like from, not even being on the basketball court. Just being down there with your teammates talking to other teams, and then on the court, it’s a whole atmosphere that you’re not even, so eye-opened to it that you don’t even know what to think. You just have to play.”

This season Schrank had another memorable moment when she scored her 1,000th career point in a home game against Boylan.

“It was definitely a surprise. I did not know it was coming at all, and I had one of my best friends acknowledge that accomplishment when I got it, Renee (Rittmeyer), so it was very bittersweet, special moment that I can share with my teammates.”

Schrank will continue to play ball next season at Division III DePauw University in Indiana. At DePauw she plans to study Kinesiology, the study of body movement and work toward becoming an athletic trainer, so she can stay involved in basketball and sports for years to come.

“Going through injuries myself and then seeing other people with injuries, it’s just kind of like, I wanted to learn about prevention and all that kind of stuff. I knew I wanted to do something medical, but I wanted to keep athletics in my life, so that was kind of just the right path for me.”

NOTE: Schrank is also a standout in track and field for Winnebago. Last year she qualified for state in both hurdle events.