Hononegah’s Sensational Sophomore Is The ‘King’ of The NIC-10


Hononegah’s Jordan King didn’t take long to make a name for herself in the NIC-10. She stormed onto the scene last season as a freshman for the Lady Indians. She was first team all-conference and she helped lead Hononegah to the Sectional final and a 29-4 record.

“Freshman year is where you kind of figure things out,” says King. “You’re playing against girls who are almost four years older than you. So you kind of have to figure out they’re a little bit stronger than you, and I think freshman year was just getting used to playing at a faster pace and a higher level. Now my sophomore year I’ve figured that out, and the game has slowed down for me.”

King has elevated her game in year two. Number 23 has been putting up Jordan-like numbers on the score sheet. She has scored 25 or more points at least seven times this season, and she set a Lady Indians’ record with a 39-point performance against Freeport. King’s improvement comes from all the hard work during the off-season. She lived in the gym.

“I play over the summer, and I have a trainer that I work with,” says King. “Right now I’m in-season so I don’t have to time to get with him, but definitely in the off-season from last season to this season I tried to get it in as much as possible and just improve my game that way.”

King says her primary focus during the summer was getting stronger to obtain more body control and finish with more contact at the rim.That part of her game has improved significantly, and she’s become one of the team’s top rebounders. King prides herself on being a complete player.

“Do whatever I can to help my teammates win. Whether it’s scoring that night, or rebounding or whatever it is just help my teammates out any way possible,” she says.

All of King’s early success has already caught the attention of big universities across the country. King already has six Division One school offers spanning from the Midwest to the East Coast.

“It’s been kind of overwhelming at times because you might get a text from Coach Weibel saying, ‘Hey can you call this coach and call this coach,’ but it’s been a great experience. I’ve always dreamed of playing Division One basketball, so it’s been great living out what I’ve always wanted to do.”

But despite all the attention the sophomore is receiving she believes she’s not a finished product. There are parts of her game she is constantly trying to improve even during her off-time during the season.

“I could definitely work on defense. There’s definitely improvement for everything, but I’m not the fastest kid on the court, so I always have to work on my quickness and stuff like that outside of practices. “

King has had a lot on her plate at such a young age, but she says one piece of advice has helped her navigate through all of her obstacles.

“The best piece of advice that I’ve gotten from Coach Weibel is just the trust the process. Play your game and play what you can do and control what you can do every night. Honestly his words of trust the process have helped me through everything.”

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