Huskies Try To Change Their Bowl Game Blues


It’s hard to argue with NIU’s record of success in football in recent years except when it comes to bowl games.

The Huskies have lost their last three bowl appearances the last three years to the likes of Florida State, Utah State and Marshall.

So when Eyewitness News asked head coach Rod Carey if he was changing up the team’s preparations this year for the Poinsettia Bowl he had the following answer.

“Yep everything. How’s that? Our schedule. The amount of time we practice. How we practice. What we’re doing in practice. Everything. Hey if it’s broke you better fix it.”

Carey says he’s taken advice from current and former coaches and from Mrs. Carey. “I listen to everybody even my wife on this one. She said change it,” chuckled Carey.

NIU will face Boise State in the Humanitarian Bowl Wednesday, December 23rd in San Diego.

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