IceHogs’ Labrie Takes A Stand Against Bullying


IceHogs’ forward Pierre-Cedric Labrie can be physical when he’s on the ice. Getting rough with opponents is part of the job.  But off the ice he has a soft spot for kids who are targets of bullies.

Labrie visits schools as part of an anti-bully campaign. He made one recent visit to Montessori Academy in Rockford. He was joined by teammates Kyle Baun and Mike Liambas.

“I think we’ve all been bullied at some point in life,” says Labrie. “For me it happened like you’re young and I had no brother, no sister, so sometimes at school I was getting bullied by older guys.”

Labrie remembers a time when his youth hockey team bullied a team member. A player got taped to a chair in the locker room.

“It didn’t’ happen to me it happened to one of my teammates and at the end I was the one that let him free,” says Labrie.

Even to this day the IceHogs get bullied by fans on social media who lay into them after a bad performance.

“For me the best way to not get affected by that is I don’t even go look at it. I just ignore it,” says Labrie.

Labrie knows kids are often bullied on social media. He feels for them.

“For me it (social media) wasn’t there when I was young. There was no internet, but now it’s probably where everybody goes on.”

When visiting schools Labrie and his teammates will role-play examples of bullying, and they’ll advise the kids on how to handle those situations. They also autograph anti-bully posters for the kids.

“Sometimes they just need the right message,” says Labrie. “They don’t listen to everybody, but sometimes they see an athlete come in and they want to listen. I just think it’s good to just toss a message out there.”

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