IceHogs Once Again


They’re two of the most well-known players in IceHogs history.  Jeremy Morin first played with the Hogs five years ago.

He spent parts of the last five seasons with the IceHogs. A trade last December sent him to the Columbus Blue Jackets. But another trade…the Brandon Saad deal with Columbus this past summer… brought Morin back.

“I didn’t expect to be back here after getting traded last year. It’s part of the business,” says Morin. “Obviously I’m used to it. I’ve been traded a couple times, but just take it in stride.”

Dowell spent four seasons with the IceHogs. The last was one five years ago. One of those years he was the team captain.

“I’ve been away from here. I haven’t seen all the changes,” says Dowell. “There’s been a lot of stuff done to the rink and the locker room here. It’s pretty cool to see. It’s nice to come back and see some familiar faces.”

Like Ted Dent who has coached both Morin and Dowell several times.

“We’re very familiar with Dowsey and the way he plays,” says Dent. “I think he’s going to be great for the young guys and for our dressing room.”

Of course being back in Rockford is only a consolation prize for these two guys because it means they’re not in the NHL where they’d like to be. Dowell has appeared in 157 NHL games in his career. Morin has appeared in 82. Neither one has been able to stick.

“Obviously the NHL is hard to make, and I’m still trying to do that and again just get back to playing at that level,” says Morin.

“There’s nothing he can do about it,” says Dent. “He’s just got to come down and work hard and clear his head and try to play with as much confidence as possible.”

Morin is still only 24 years old. Time is on his side. Dowell is 30. He doesn’t haven’t much time left to stick in the NHL.

“Everybody wants to play in the NHL, but sometimes you have to come back and start, not start from scratch but start at this level and get myself back in a position where I can possibly be a player that someone wants to bring up and call up, and I still think I can keep up. I can play,” says Dowell.

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