It’s back to the basics for Danica Patrick


Indy and Danica Patrick are together again. Today the Roscoe native was back at the scene of her best days of her racing career getting a refresher course as she gets ready to bring her career to a close.

It was like 2011 all over again…well almost. Patrick was back in her green GoDaddy race suit in a green GoDaddy car turning laps at the Brickyard. Danica was here for a refresher course. Since she’s been out of Indy Car racing for seven years she actually had to earn a permit to be able to race here again. She was anxious about it.

“It’s been since fall of lasting year thinking about what the hell is it going to feel like?” says Patrick. “It’s been seven years since I drove an Indy Car here so yea it’s been a long time.”

Danica had a three hour window today to turn as many laps as she could. They wanted to turn a lot but they had some setup issues with the car early on. That’s to be expected at this stage of the month of May, but it led to some frustrations.

“It’s a brand new car so there was a water temperature issue so we took it back to the garage and there was only three hours today so you’re burning an hour pretty quickly getting out there and getting back in and getting back out to pit lane again.”

Patrick says adjusting to an Indy Car now is even more challenging then it was when she was a rookie here in 2005. Everything is so different from NASCAR right down to the smallest details.

 “It’s definitely different without a clutch pedal but taking off is easy it’s the coming in it’s like clutch, first gear and then it’s neutral down a gear so you’ve just got to get in a rhythm but I definitely feel still overwhelmed enough with everything going on and just driving and the fit and the helmet moving and all kinds of things going on.”

She has almost four weeks to get back up to speed here. The Indy 500 will be Sunday, May 27th. At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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