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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — Illinois State running back and Rockford Lutheran graduate James Robinson is back in Rockford continuing to prepare himself for an NFL shot. He’s working with trainer Tim Bailey from Mercyhealth Top Performers fine-tuning his body.

Robinson will work out in front of scouts at ISU’s Pro Day next week. Two weeks ago he participated at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. I sat down with Robinson to discuss that experience and more. Click on the media player to view that interview or read the copy that follows:

((SCOTT QUESTION)) The (NFL) Combine was a couple weeks ago. Your numbers were quite impressive. Overall how do you feel it went?

((JAMES ROBINSON, ILLINOIS ST. RUNNINGBACK)) “I think it went pretty well. The only thing for me I thought was bad was my 40 (yard dash) obviously, but I mean, working with Tim here I feel I’ve gotten even faster. Working with the track coach at ISU I think these guys just helping me with my mechanics and stuff like that, so I think my 40 will be a little bit better.”

((SCOTT QUESTION)) How concerned are you that your 40 time will hold you back with NFL scouts?

((ROBINSON)) “I mean, everyone sees me. I’m not on film like, I’m not the fastest guy, so for me I think teams just want to see if I’m fast enough, and I think I’m fast enough, I mean a 40 again is just running in a straight line, so there’s not many times (as a running back) you’re going to ever get in a three-point stance and run straight. For me I think it’s just showing the coaches I can get that number down.”

((TIM BAILEY, MERCYHEALTH TOP PERFORMERS)) “With the NFL putting so much emphasis on the 40 yard dash it’s important that he’s ready for that big event. The 40 yard dash is the bread-and-butter of the Combine, and I think based on what he did at the Combine and some things that we were able to correct the last week it’s going to allow him to probably increase that time.”

((SCOTT)) So you see some maybe some technique things that he can do better in the 40?

((BAILEY)) “Yea. Yea.”

((SCOTT)) Did you come away (from the Combine) feeling that there are certain teams that are really interested in James Robinson?

((ROBINSON)) “Yea, teams that are interested…I didn’t really think of it that much. I just feel like it might be a team that I haven’t talked to that much. I feel there are quite are few teams that are really interested though.”

((SCOTT)) You’re gut feeling on the feedback you’ve received from scouts and analysts, what’s your gut telling you about how high you might go in the draft?

((ROBINSON)) “I have no idea. Yea, you see all of the things on ESPN and the NFL Network and stuff like that, but again I feel like a lot of people (in the NFL) are looking at bigger schools, so like it’s kind of easy to get overlooked, but for me talking to my agent and everything those are just opinions, so that’s how I kind of look at it. You never know what the coaches are going to do, so you just kind of look past it.”

((SCOTT)) It only takes one team to fall in love with you and boom!

((ROBINSON)) “Yea they told us that at the Combine. You’ve just got to make one team fall in love with you, so that’s what I tried to do.”

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