Jarrett Payton Carves His Own Greatness


It’s not always easy being the son of a sports legend like Walter Payton, but Jarrett Payton is carving out his own greatness.

Payton spoke at North Boone Middle School Tuesday morning. He was an outstanding athlete himself excelling in football and soccer, but Jarrett Payton never came close to having the NFL career that his father had. But then who could?

Jarrett Payton’s greatness comes in reaching out to kids like the North Boone Middle School students. He couraged them to find their passion, get to know their classmates and to seize opportunities. He also cautioned them to watch what they post on social media.

Payton has his own foundation that he uses to reach out to kids with positive message. He says that’s his passion.

“My dad taught me and my mom taught me what it means to give back in service, and this is my opportunity to be able to give back to the community,” said Payton to  Eyewitness News. “Any time I get a chance to be able to tell stories especially about my life I really embrace that.”


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